Double Duty Sex Toys

Top: butt plug as door stop. Bottom: nipple clamp as eyeglasses keeper. (via Dangerous Minds; more examples at Homemade Sex Toys) ... See the Rest

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Must-Have Solid Gold Dildo of the Day

"The Leda" by Forniculture. No word on how much it will set you back, though. (via Wylde) ... See the Rest


The Fauxgina

Not a real vagina and not a very good representation of one either. So why? Topless Robot, which has posted the virtually useless $128 sex novelty ... See the Rest

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Go Wash Your Hands

(via ... See the Rest


GOP Sex Toys: Candidates’ Popularity Decides the Shape

(via The Daily Beast) ... See the Rest


Been There

... See the Rest


Christmas Wish List: A Legolas Doll

... See the Rest


NSFW: Monster Sex Toys!

After the jump, of course! Available at Fleshlight Freaks. ... See the Rest