New Invention Turns Your Phone Into a Vibrator!

Good news! IZIVIBE announced today that the company has created a phone case and mobile app that doubles as a personal vibrator. It's official! Our website is online... ... See the Rest

Macy Gray Has Written a Jaunty Ode to her Vibrator

"He fits like a glove/ always up for love/ steady like a caterpillar/ rabbit from a hat/ he knows just where its at/ gives me what i want" – Yep, that's Macy Gray singing about B.O.B (her battery operated better) in a new instructional (?) video. Throughout it all, the cartoon ... See the Rest

Finally! PornHub Has Created the Autonomous Twerking Butt You’ve Been Longing For

PornHub's new twerking asses, "capable of interactive ... See the Rest

The Swedish Company That Helps People with Disabilities Masturbate

Absolutely bonkers instructional video for dildos and fleshlights with little yellow handles that are disability-friendly from the Swedish ... See the Rest

Double Duty Sex Toys

Top: butt plug as door stop. Bottom: nipple clamp as eyeglasses keeper. (via Dangerous Minds; more examples at Homemade Sex Toys) ... See the Rest

Must-Have Solid Gold Dildo of the Day

"The Leda" by Forniculture. No word on how much it will set you ... See the Rest

The Fauxgina

Not a real vagina and not a very good representation of one either. So why? Topless Robot, which has posted the virtually useless $128 sex novelty says, "This fauxgina does have a ... See the Rest

Go Wash Your Hands

(via ... See the Rest