The Swedish Company That Helps People with Disabilities Masturbate

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Absolutely bonkers instructional video for dildos and fleshlights with little yellow handles that are disability-friendly from the Swedish company Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living (or GIL). I mean, God bless them, but this is the weirdest, most awkward thing I've ... See the Rest

Double Duty Sex Toys


Top: butt plug as door stop. Bottom: nipple clamp as eyeglasses keeper. (via Dangerous Minds; more examples at Homemade Sex Toys) ... See the Rest

Must-Have Solid Gold Dildo of the Day

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"The Leda" by Forniculture. No word on how much it will set you back, though. (via Wylde) ... See the Rest

The Fauxgina


Not a real vagina and not a very good representation of one either. So why? Topless Robot, which has posted the virtually useless $128 sex novelty says, "This fauxgina does have a hole in it, so you could let your dick dangle out of there in order to make your nether regions a ... See the Rest

Go Wash Your Hands

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(via ... See the Rest

GOP Sex Toys: Candidates’ Popularity Decides the Shape


(via The Daily Beast) ... See the Rest

Been There


... See the Rest

Christmas Wish List: A Legolas Doll


... See the Rest