RDR Contestant Jade Jolie Addresses THOSE Rumors


Those pesky porn rumors, to be exact. And you can see that she's caught off guard at first, but her simple, direct, and eloquent answer totally diffuses the situation, making it a non-issue. At least for me. It's 2013. Celebrities have sex tapes. Move on. And I think we all have enough understanding of the problems facing the trans community that ... See the Rest

Koala Clap


Two of the boys from One Direction had an STD scare recently. Both Harry and Liam got peed on by a koala when they were down under.....em, in Australia. Apparently up to 80% of koala bears are infected with Chlamydia and unless they come up with a vaccine, the species will become extinct as Koala Clap makes them sterile. For more adorable pictures ... See the Rest

The Sex Tapes


While Hollywood is busy deciding who will play Whitney Houston in the movie of her life, apparently Ray J is sitting on a big ol' secret. Ray has a whole lot of sex pics and tapes of the couple, and the Houston family has already told him the best way to honor Whitney and her legacy is to do the right thing and not release any disparaging photos or ... See the Rest

Whornell Email: The Ballad of John X and Lisa

John X made a big mistake while emailing his mistress Lisa, both of whom are employed at Cornell University. He accidently sent their lusty, filthy chain email to the entire school on Friday! You can check out their entire, ahem, exchange here. Administration responded by sending this email asking everyone to please discard the email and apologized ... See the Rest