Watch 3 Eras of Gay Sex in 3 Minutes!

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3 Eras of Gay Sex in 3 Minutes, from Leo Herrera, is an evocative short that "celebrates the history and power of gay sex, fetish, and cruising" in three distinct eras: Pre-Stonewall cruising, 1970’s/80’s Leather BDSM, and modern day app usage. “This film is about sharing a ... See the Rest

Alaska & Brother Cory Binney Talk About Sex Baby on Bro’Laska


On this episode of Bro'Laska, Alaska and her brother Cory Binney discuss setting the mood for some horizontal mambo! Aka love making, aka whoopie, aka boning, aka special pants time. After the JUMP! ... See the Rest

#NSFW: Kim Kardashian Bares All For “Love”


"New Rule: Kim Kardashian must cover that up before she really DOES break the internet. In Kim's latest photo spread, she appears to be outdoors, smoking with no pants on –which I guess appeals to men whose sexual fantasy is catching a homeless woman taking a dump in an alley. I ... See the Rest

Bette Midler Lets Ariana Grande Have It

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Bette Midler is back in the news these days as she is going around supporting her new album of covers, It's The Girls. I was lucky enough to smell her hair and be in her presence backstage in London at Alan Carr's show, Chattyman. Turns out, all The Divine Miss M needed to get ... See the Rest

Check Out Anka Radakovich’s New Book The Wild Girl’s Club Part 2!

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Lusty sex columnist Anka Radakovich's new book The Wild Girls Club, Part 2: Tales From New York To Hollywood takes you deep into the sex underground, reporting from a day at the sex convention, a night at a porn awards ceremony, and a weekend crashing a “for men only” Pick- up ... See the Rest

Copy / Paste: James Franco’s New (Old) Film Stills


New Film Stills opened last night in New York. It present a series of photographs made by James Franco in 2013, recreating Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills from 1977-79. “Like Sherman’s characters,” says Frank Bidart in the catalogue, “the figures [Franco] portrays outrun ... See the Rest

Must-Have Product of the Day: Whiskey D*ck Lube


Yup. Whiskey-flavored lube. Available here. Whiskey flavored, water based. "This is the gold standard of booze-flavored massage oils," the ad says. "Whiskey Dick is aged 4 years in white oak casks and guarantees a velvety-smooth finish." So good, it won a Triple Gold Medal Award ... See the Rest

First Look: The Trailer for California Scheming

Video thumbnail for youtube video First Look: California Scheming Trailer - World of Wonder

It's the Red Band trailer for the dark and trashy erotic thriller California Scheming about a "teen seductress who pulls three privileged Malibu kids into her devious scheme, and the unforeseen consequences that force the group to face their own fears and mortality." Devon ... See the Rest