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Gettin’ Kind of Tired of Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis Saying They Invented the Selfie

Listening to Susan Sarandon and Geen Davis prattle on and on about "inventing the selfie" on the set of Thelma and Louis is an affront to the REAL ... See the Rest

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Charlotte Rae Took a Selfie

With Lisa "you can pray the gay away" Whelchel. It's kinda weird when you realize Blair is now 51 and Mr. Garrett is 88, but I loves me some Charlotte ... See the Rest

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Alan Cumming Gets Clobbered on Instagram for Selfie with Alleged Predator

When Alan Cumming tweeted a selfie with embattled fashion perv Terry Richardson after a Harper's Bazzar photo shoot, his fans reacted with swift ... See the Rest

Selfies to new heights

Brave Teen Takes Selfies to New Heights

Oh my god, my toes are tingling. Hyperventilating. These jaw-dropping photos will have you sweating, for sure.  ... See the Rest

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But First Let Me Take a Selfie: Scientist Falls 70 Feet Down A Snowy Crevasse, Films Torturous Escape

While conducting climate research in Nepal last Monday, Western Kentucky University professor John All fell into a crevasse, breaking his arm, five ... See the Rest

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Oh My Tardis! Matt Smith and Tom Felton On a Plane

This is geek heaven! Dr. Who's Matt Smith (my daughter's major crush of the moment) and Harry Potter's Tom Felton sat in front of each other on a ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Must-See PSA of the Day: Gay Men and Their Selfie Problem - World of Wonder

Must-See PSA of the Day: Help Gay Men with Their Selfie Problem

Did you know: Every day thousands of gay men do not leave the house until their daily selfie gets enough likes for them to feel secure? They are ... See the Rest

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Check Out James Franco’s Bromantic Twitpics with Keegan Allen

James Franco posted this sexy selfie with Pretty Little Liars actor Keegan Allen, writing: "BED SELFIE WITH KEEGAN ALLEN!!!!! TIME TO GO ... See the Rest