Statues Taking Selfies Because of Course

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While sightseeing at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, a Reddit user snapped pics of the Greco-Roman statues posing like a bunch of WeHo twinks taking selfies the Abbey. It's since become a mini-phenomenon on the site and elsewhere. Check out the pics after the jump. ... See the Rest

Life In Fast Forward: Kid Ages From 12 to 19 in One Minute Thirty-Four Seconds

Video thumbnail for youtube video Life In Fast Forward: Kid Ages From 12 to 19 in One Minute Thirty Seconds - World of Wonder

Like the IDEA of Boyhood but don't have the patience to sit through a three-hour movie? Hugo Cornellier has got you covered. From age 12 to 19, Hugo took a selfie every day  then edited them all into a 1 minute 34 second video that'll blow your socks off. ... See the Rest

Lady Gaga’s Hospital Lashes Are On Point

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Lady Gaga was performing in Denver when the altitude got to her and she had to make an unplanned visit to the ER. She, of course, shared that moment and she wore the perfect lashes for the occasion! ... See the Rest

Gettin’ Kind of Tired of Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis Saying They Invented the Selfie

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Listening to Susan Sarandon and Geen Davis prattle on and on about "inventing the selfie" on the set of Thelma and Louis is an affront to the REAL inventor of the selfie. And we all know who THAT was... ... See the Rest

Charlotte Rae Took a Selfie

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With Lisa "you can pray the gay away" Whelchel. It's kinda weird when you realize Blair is now 51 and Mr. Garrett is 88, but I loves me some Charlotte Rae. She rocked a ginger bun like nobody's biznizz. I totally own the Facts of Life dvd box set. Don't judge me, tootie. ... See the Rest

Alan Cumming Gets Clobbered on Instagram for Selfie with Alleged Predator

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When Alan Cumming tweeted a selfie with embattled fashion perv Terry Richardson after a Harper's Bazzar photo shoot, his fans reacted with swift disapproval.  Check out the comments after the jump. ... See the Rest

Brave Teen Takes Selfies to New Heights

Selfies to new heights

Oh my god, my toes are tingling. Hyperventilating. These jaw-dropping photos will have you sweating, for sure.  ... See the Rest

But First Let Me Take a Selfie: Scientist Falls 70 Feet Down A Snowy Crevasse, Films Torturous Escape

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While conducting climate research in Nepal last Monday, Western Kentucky University professor John All fell into a crevasse, breaking his arm, five ribs, and dislocating his shoulder. Thank god he had a video camera with him to capture his painful climb to the surface. "It probably took me four or five hours to climb out. I kept moving sideways, ... See the Rest