The Daily Life of Darth Vader: A Photo Series

Check out photographer Paweł Kadysz's fabulous photo series documenting the daily life of Darth Vader – portraying the Sith Lord as just a normal guy with everyday life problems. It's an ongoing project, which he updates with one new photo every day, until the Episode VII ... See the Rest

The Game Blessed The Internet With His Glorious Eggplant (Again)

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“Selfie From Hell” – Your Bone-Chilling Short Horror Film of the Day

I just let out a blood-curdling scream and scared everybody in the office, omg. THIS ONE IS TERRIFYING. The setup: A woman is taking selfies for her boyfriend. But every picture she takes has the terrifying silhouette of a man in the background, getting closer... closer... ... See the Rest

If There’s One Thing Sorority Girls Love More Than Baseball, It’s Definitely Selfies!

These girls from Arizona State University's Alpha Chi Omega sorority have more interest in taking selfies than watching whatever game they are there to see and the commentators let them have it! ... See the Rest

Hot Cop Miguel Pimentel Proves He Has Completely Mastered the Art of the Underwear Selfie

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#HeadsUp: Marc Jacobs Accidentally Posted A Nude DM on Instagram

The designer Marc Jacobs seems to have made the mistake every Instagram user (of a certain type) fears. He accidentally posted an image that was supposed to be a private DM! "It's yours to try," he wrote in the caption, seemingly referring to his bare butt (or ... See the Rest

OMG, Suh Brave: Sofia Vergara Goes Without Makeup While Sunning Poolside

Can you IMAGINE the courage this must have taken? MY GOD! Whatta woman. GIVE HER A MEDAL! See the Rest

Eggplant Emoji: Kyle Krieger Bares It All In Sexy Underwear For Paper Magazine!

Instagram hunk Kyle Krieger has mastered the art of the digital self portrait. "I've never met a shirt I didn't like to take off" says Kyle in a short but sweet See the Rest