#ViralStar: Allan Dixon Has Mastered the “Animal Selfie”

Irishman Allan Dixon (who lives in Australia) seems to have mastered the art of selfie taking with critters. These pics of him with various species has blown up worldwide since Christmas. He seems like a very earnest guy, not to mention cute. From his See the Rest

Here’s Something To Be Thankful For: Usher’s New Shirtless Selfie

It looks like Thanksgiving has come a little early, guys. R&B superstar and my biggest tweenage crush Usher dropped an epic progress pic on his Instagram showcasing his famous abs while wearing nothing but ... See the Rest

#Sorry: The Weirdest Group of Selfies on The Internet – Promise.

There are tens of millions of selfies taken every day, so claiming that these are the weirdest must be saying something, right? Well, take a look, if there are stranger ones, I really don't ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: The First “Space Selfie” Sells At Auction

Until we get some self-portraits from Mars, it looks like astronaut Buzz Aldrin really is the king of all selfies. He took this ... See the Rest

#TheImitationGame: This Dude’s Copycat Poses Are Pretty Perfect

I discovered these great double-take shots on Facebook and haven't been able to trace them back to the original creator. But whoever our bearded man is, his ... See the Rest

Selfie Police – Drug Gang Sent to Slammer

A series of compromising selfies sent a London prision gang to the slammer last week. Two 24-year-olds were sentenced to prison Friday after police found pictures of the two posing with bags of drugs ... See the Rest

#selfieish: Richard Prince (Unwittingly) Introduces Sean Fader At Gagosian

Yes, it seems by accident, mostly reviled appropriation artist Richard Prince gave an emerging conceptual artist his Gagosian debut. This is SUCH a convoluted idea, see if you can ... See the Rest

Picture This: The Selfie Is Nothing New

Not all of these shots are actually selfies. Some are. Others are photographers shot while working by their peers. They are all great pictures, in my book illustrate perfectly Ansel Adams' famous quote; “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the ... See the Rest