Picture This: Kim Kardashian, Selfish?


Rizzoli will publish a photography book of Kim K's selfies next year. They say; "Widely regarded as a trailblazer of 'selfie movement' – a modern-day self-portrait of the digital age – Kim has mastered the art of taking flattering and highly personal photos of oneself." adding she's "a true American icon" and "the modern-day personification of ... See the Rest

The Ultimate Selfie?: You + The Queen

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh tour St. Georges Market in Belfast

Well, I haven't seen the shot surface online yet (and I've looked) but a very cheeky kid did his best to get a selfie with Queen Elizabeth II on her tour of Belfast yesterday. It's not enough to get your photo taken with someone famous these days, it's gotta be a selfie. I think I must be infected with this bug too. Back in February of this year, I ... See the Rest

Thelma & Louise: Then & Now


Speaking of scandalous selfies – they didn't invent them but they made one of the most famous ones in Hollywood history. Here are Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis reunited almost a quarter of a century later. Looking good, ladies – going off a cliff agrees with you. ... See the Rest

Gorgeous Gaga

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.58.49 PM

See, what people seem to forget is that under all of the costumery and disguises, Gaga is quite gorgeous. Case in point: this simple morning selfie. I don't care what filters are used, whatever, she is so naturally beautiful and interesting to look at. This look works for her best of all, hope she sticks with it for a while. ... See the Rest

Brave Teen Takes Selfies to New Heights

Selfies to new heights

Oh my god, my toes are tingling. Hyperventilating. These jaw-dropping photos will have you sweating, for sure.  ... See the Rest

#Birthday Selfies: Franco Turns 36


Yes, he's already in Birthday Bitch today but I thought these deserved a special selfie shout-out. He writes "BACKSTAGE ON MY BDAY - THE ACTOR's LIFE" ... See the Rest

#selfie #unlikelytrio: Gaga, Billy and Dave


Here's an unlikely selfie trio – unless you have to have a talk show, then anything goes, I guess. ... See the Rest

A Scaled Back Nicki Minaj Is Stunning

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.52.06 PM

                    Look at how pretty Nicki Minaj is in her latest pics on instagram, just some thick ass black eyeliner, which I completely approve of for an au naturel look....natch. Wings so sharp, they'd cut a bitch. ... See the Rest