Screengrabs of the Day: Parker Young and Geoff Stults in Enlisted

Geoff Stults parker young shirtless enlisted

I've been hearing a lot of super-positive buzz about Enlisted. People saying it's THE BEST NEW SHOW OF THE SEASON and whatnot. I love all three stars (Geoff Stults, Parker Young, and Chris Lowell) but haven't gotten around to checking it out. Do you know anything about it? Tell me. I'm certainly intrigued by these screen grabs from SuperheroFan. ... See the Rest

Screen Grabs OTD: Jean-Luc Bilodeau on Baby Daddy

Jean-Luc Bilodeau shirtless baby daddy

More pics after the jump. (via SuperheroFan) ... See the Rest

Screen Grab OTD


(via memewhore) ... See the Rest

Merry Christmas from Maz


... See the Rest

Dennis Explains Gay Culture to the Gang


  ... See the Rest

Steamy Threesomes: Val Chmerkovskiy and Gleb Savchenko’s Shirtless Salsa with Elizabeth Berkley on DWTS


I didn't realize Dancing with the Stars was still on (and I didn't realize you could dance with more than one hunk), but yum, yum, yum. That Gleb is something else, huh? (via Swoonworthy)   ... See the Rest

Adventures in Closed Captioning


I'm thinking he was probably saying "hayseed" hillbilly, but this way works fine too. (via Reddit) ... See the Rest

How Did I Miss This? Chord Overstreet Covers “Applause” on Glee


Well, obviously I missed it because it's literally THE WORST SHOW ON TELEVISION and I would rather shove oyster forks in my eyeballs than sit through an entire episode. And yet. And yet. Chord Overstreet still exerts a certain tug on my heart and in my pants. I might be talked into watching a video of this. Until then, these pics suffice. It's ... See the Rest