Ladyfag’s “Pop Souk” NYC Is Fashion Flea Market w/ Disco Soundtrack!!!


NYC writer/performer/super party promoter Ladyfag is bringing back her fifth installment of Pop Souk– the market place where designers and club kiddies come together to sell some uber cool clothes at really cheap prices. Come hang out and snatch up a frock from fab artists like ... See the Rest

Watch: Kindbud “Don’t Touch Me” (Pop Up Video) feat. Juliana Huxtable, DJ Sammy Jo & Other NYC Icons


NYC DJ/producer Kindbud re-released his dance floor hit Don't Touch Me, along with a re-booted video featuring LGBTQ kiddies from the New York club scene. This time around, he added a bit of 90s kitsch with pop up bubbles, in a kind of retro style, inspired by Vh1's Pop Up Video ... See the Rest

Ana Matronic at RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons in New York


So great to have a surprise guest pop in to our Battle of the Seasons tour in New York City. Miss Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters came by to do her rap on Sharon and Alaska's Let's Have a Kai Kai live and in living color. Detox busted in to my dressing room to make us look ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: Avec (featuring Jake Shears) “Disappearer”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Tune for Today: Avec (featuring Jake Shears) "Disappear" - World of Wonder

... See the Rest

Ana Matronic Loves RuPaul’s Drag Race


As if you needed a reason to love her more, Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters LOVES her some RuPaul's Drag Race. She was recently interviewed by FrontiersLA, and when asked if she was as big a fan of the show as her bandmate, the hunky Babydaddy, she says: "I would actually ... See the Rest

Scissor Sisters Perform “Let’s Have a Kiki” on The Wendy Williams Show


... See the Rest

Who Kai Kais Better?

Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio or Rhea Litre and Willam? Both duos did a parody of the Scissor Sisters' summer gay anthem, "Let's Have a Kiki," titled "Let's Have a KaiKai," natch. It's our very own drag Tupac-Biggie thing. East Coast vs West Siiiiide. What's your pick? (via ... See the Rest

Everything and More

Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.26.25 AM

One of the gayest and amazingly fun songs available right now is the Scissor Sisters' "Let's Have a Kiki" and, honeys, look no further than this brilliant video masterpiece that accompanies the song to make your life complete. Check out who is on the screen when Ana Matronic ... See the Rest