Santa Spankings Banned In London!!!

No more "naughty" for Santa in the UK! least when it comes to UK-produced online porn. Swedish performance group Duo ... See the Rest

NSFW: Poo-Pourri Commercial Takes A Dump On Santa

NSFW: This sorta gross Christmas-themed commercial shows Santa relieving himself in a British home during his gift giving rounds and he's interrupted by three cheeky girls that are awakened by the stench. They nab his iPhones and offer him the gift of Poo-Pourri in return. ... See the Rest

Old Hollywood Christmas

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Bill Rancic Baby Bombed Santa

The line was too long in a Chicago mall for Bill Rancic and baby son Edward to wait on line for the big guy, so they made do with a baby bomb. Love that he did this, my mom totally would've ... See the Rest

Santa Snap!

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Playmate Santa

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Santas Beered

Looks like a sleigh bar. (via Bareback Contessa) ... See the Rest

Morbid Christmas

Ennui got fun? ... See the Rest