Old Hollywood Christmas


Betty Grable arrives with presents (1941), Bela Lugosi plays poker with Santa (1940), Esther Williams offers a coke to a snow man (1953), and Lucy takes an ice skating lesson (1937).(via Vintage Gal) ... See the Rest

Bill Rancic Baby Bombed Santa


The line was too long in a Chicago mall for Bill Rancic and baby son Edward to wait on line for the big guy, so they made do with a baby bomb. Love that he did this, my mom totally would've done this. I should have done this but I was the ass who waited in line for 2 hours for my daughters to be miserable on Santa's lap year after year. ... See the Rest

Santa Snap!


... See the Rest

Playmate Santa


... See the Rest

Santas Beered


Looks like a sleigh bar. (via Bareback Contessa) ... See the Rest

Morbid Christmas

Ennui got fun? ... See the Rest

Another Bad Santa

(t/y Bridget) ... See the Rest

Santa on the Half Shell

A handmade one-of-a-kind 7.5-inch doll on a shell base holding a velvet bag "bursting with sea life." Sells for $15. If it looks fishy and sounds like a nightmare, perhaps the accompanying poem will explain. Think it over. Maybe next Christmas. ... See the Rest