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Celebrity Roundup

Colton Haynes heads out of the Hard Rock Hotel to attend the Arrow panel at Comic-Con; Charlie Hunnam greets his fans before the Sons Of Anarchy ... See the Rest


Comic-Con Roundup: Day 2

OK. Deep breath. Here we go: Tina, Bob, and Louise; The Human Torch, Red Skull, Captain America, and the Sub Mariner; an alien woman I don't ... See the Rest

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Meanwhile, at ComicCon (Day 1)

OK, obviously from top, left, we have Powdered Toast Man, Punisher, Kick-Ass, Firestorm, Wolverine, Ryu and Akuma from Street Fighter, and I'm pretty ... See the Rest


Live! From ComicCon! Abby Sciuto! Bobble Head!

That's right. Wowlebrity Pauley Perrette's brainy kooky character on NCIS is now a fabulous bobble head available for purchase exclusively at the ... See the Rest


ComicCon Snap!: Sharknado Has Entered the Building

WOW editor Michael Roha is at ComicCon RIGHT THIS SECOND, sending pics and ogling the be-spandexed cuties (I'm assuming). There's much more to come, ... See the Rest


Flashback 1951

The first Jack in the Box, at 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego, was the first hamburger stand to have intercom technology and a ... See the Rest


Thorette Syndrome

Ladies love cool Thor. And paid homage to him at Comic-Con. Call them Thorettes, if you will. (See more Comic-Crossplay at BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest


Hasselhoff Poses with Iron Man

David Hasselhoff poses for cameras alongside the Iron Man suit because he can. ... See the Rest