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Hunks Du Jour: Gosling! Pine! Peters! AND MORE!

It's a special "Hunks Get Gas" edition as everyone seems to be fueling up at once. Do they know something the rest of us don't? ... See the Rest

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Rose McGowan posted this pic, saying "If Ryan Gosling & Steve Carell had an adult baby, it'd be this guy." ... See the Rest


Ghostly Gosling Gif

From 1925's Du skal aere din hustru by Carl Theodor Dreyer. (t/y Louis; t/y Merlinhoot) ... See the Rest


Ryan Gosling Takes His Pants off One Leg at a Time

A deleted scene from The Place Beyond the Pines. If they'd left this scene in, the movie might have had a better box office. (via poisonparadise) ... See the Rest

Zac Efron films scenes for 'Are We Officially Dating?' with co-star Imogen Poots in New York City

Casting Rumor: Zac Efron in the Upcoming Star Wars Movie?

WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK! First, we heard yesterday that Tyler Hoechlin was up for the role of Batman in the new Batman/Superman movie, now comes word ... See the Rest


Only God Forgives – Apparently NOT These Film Critics

Amazing how this movie has been universally reviled by critics. It's been widely reviewed as slow, boring, AND too violent. A bad combo. Here are some ... See the Rest

Ryan Gosling’s Only God Forgives Looks INTENSE

In Only God Forgives, Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn, who teamed up on Drive, reunite with even more intensity. In OGF, Gosling is an ... See the Rest

Ryan Gosling at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Gangster Squad'

Quote Unquote: Ryan Gosling

“When I was little, I saw Rambo: First Blood Part II and I took knives to school and I threw them at the kids. So my mother took me off R-rated films. ... See the Rest