Finally Stick Putin Where He Belongs

Now you can stick Putin’s head where it’s been all along – up someone’s ass! ... See the Rest


Quote Unquote: Bill Maher

"I'm not sure that these Olympics achieved for Vladimir Putin what he was hoping for, however. Right?…I mean between the hotels not being ready and ... See the Rest

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Watch Now: Buddy Cole Goes Undercover in Sochi

The Colbert Report's Buddy Cole files his third in a series by going undercover in Sochi. He really is OUT and about and revels his long hidden secret ... See the Rest


From Russia With Love (But No Gay Stuff)

The Colbert Report's producer, Buddy Cole, meets with U.S. Ambassador Dan Baer to learn about Russia's anti-gay laws. Note the way he pronounces ... See the Rest

Peek Inside Sochi’s only Gay Club and Drag Culture

Despite recent crackdowns, LGBT life in Sochi remains vibrant in isolated corners of the city. Mayak Cabaret operates discretely, behind a closed gate ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Steve Sims: The Cutest Cub in Sochi - World of Wonder

Steve Sims: The Cutest Cub in Sochi

Since Putin wouldn't let our Olympic correspondent James St. James (who is gayer than Bobby Trendy's fringiest pillow) into the country, we sent cute ... See the Rest


The Olympic Opening Ceremony is Looking a Little…

... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Vladimir Putin's Facebook Movie - World of Wonder

Vladimir Putin’s Facebook Movie

Just ahead of the opening ceremonies, here's Vlad's Facebook movie with all of the horrible highlights you might expect. ... See the Rest