First Look: Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville in Two Mothers


Described as "a gripping tale of love, lust and the power of friendship that charts the unconventional and passionate affairs of two lifelong friends (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright) who fall in love with each other’s sons." Xavier and James (left) are the sons they fall in love ... See the Rest

Arrested Development

While his folks, Sean and Robin Wright Penn, are going through what must be an acrimonious divorce, their 16-year-old son Hopper has got himself arrested. Though his youth prohibits authorities from disclosing the reason for his arrest, it is known that LA County Sheriff's ... See the Rest

Robin Wright or Wrong?

I can't decide if I totally love Robin Wright Penn here or if the look is just an eensy bit off. She's a beautiful woman, no doubt about it. And separation must agree with her, because she's positively glowing as she arrives at the Deauville Film Festival for the premiere of her ... See the Rest