Ricki Lake Getting Divorced Again

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According to RadarOnline , Ricki Lake is divorcing her husband of two years, Christian Evans. They were the "unbreakable" couple and the circumstances seem convoluted but I guess in the end, it ain't any of our damn business anyway, so it should be convoluted, right? We send our love out to Ricki, divorce is never easy but it's even tougher when ... See the Rest

Retro Video OTD: Darienne Lake (and Pandora Boxx) on Ricki Lake

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In a 1997 episode entitled "Get a Grip, Doll... You're Too Fat to Be a Drag Queen," RuPaul's Drag Race season six contestant Darienne Lake brings the house down with her big, beautiful curves and infectious personality. Then her girlfriend, Pandora Boxx, come onstage and things get dicey. Wait. What? Were they really kai kai? How did I not know ... Watch Now

Coming Up Next on Ricki Lake

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... See the Rest

Strange Bedfellows


Perhaps as a subliminal message for Red States and Blue States to come together on this election day (or not), RuPaul is twerking a purple OnePiece jumpsuit on today's PJ party-themed episode of The Ricki Lake Show. ... See the Rest

Damiana Interviews John Waters at Outfest 2012

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httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to-DyTHxad0 Damiana delighted in interviewing legendary auteur John Waters on the Outfest opening night orange carpet on Thursday, where John received Outfest's 2012 Achievement Award. Damiana chats with him about the shock value of his celebrated films, and his ensemble of fabulously freaky actresses and muses. ... See the Rest

Fame Horrors


Stars attending the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios: Elijah (Gives Me) Wood, wowlebrity Wilmer Valderrrama, Chad (Still a Douchenozzle) Michael Murray, Demi Lovato, and the cast of Dancing with the Stars including CHAZ YAY, Ricki Lake, David Arquette, and Rob Kardashian who's still wearing his Clark Kent glasses from Monday night's ... See the Rest

Ricki Lake Dances the Tango to Psycho

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Yes, yes, Chaz, Chaz. We're all about Chaz. He was fabulous. Loved the Rocky bit. His best dance so far. And CHER. Looking 25 if she was A DAY. Not to diminish his moment or anything, but the real takeaway from last night's DWTS was Ricki and Derek's brilliant tango to the theme from Psycho. It was absolutely enthralling. Ricky was elegant, the ... See the Rest

Derek Tells Ricki What to Expect


(via the LA Times) ... See the Rest