Red Carpet Pics from Last Nights RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 LA Premiere!

What a night! What a party! All the season 7 girls, plus SCADS of celebrities, local queens, socialites, industry leaders, and HOT GUYS packed into the historic Mayan Theater for EPISODE ONE OF SEASON SEVEN OF RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE. And, my dears, it did NOT DISAPPOINT. Outfits were ... See the Rest

Richie Rich Not So Much

In June, the co-founder of defunct fashion label Heatherette, onetime club kid Richie Rich, 44, allegedly skipped out on a $1,700 bill at the Times Square Westin with lingerie designer pal Chantelle Warr. (Pretty sure most of that is minibar.) The two bailed on the tab for ... See the Rest

Trailer Park: The Upcoming Pat Field Documentary The Little House That Could

Telling the story of her store's Warhol-like effect on pop culture and featuring every downtown legend ever including (but not limited to) Astro Erle, Richie Rich, Malik So Chic, Patrick McDonald, Perfidia, Paul Alexander, JoJo Americo, Susanne Bartsch, Andre J, Johnny Dynell, ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Drag Race Launch Party

There was a full-on gaggle of fierce folks who attended the Absolut Outrageous RuPaul’s Drag Race launch party at Patricia Field in Manhattan last night. The gorgeous new queens of season 4 were in attendance and worked the crowd to full effect. All the girls looked great ... See the Rest

Coco’s no-no

At Tuesday's Richie Rich fashion show Pamela Anderson Coco accidentally had a full-on wardrobe malfunction when her masterfully constructed couture gown fell down. Can you imagine? At a Richie Rich show? ... See the Rest

What we’re reading now

Funny, I don't remember their teeth being quite so buck, and yet... I would still do that cartoon Jordan in a hot second. (via See the Rest


Wowlebrity Daniel Franzese caught up with Ashton Michael (a fabulous designer who's worked extensively with WOW's friend and neighbor See the Rest


Ellen Degeneres makes an appearance with Richie Rich at his fashion show in New York last night. Can someone tell me which is which? (See the Rest