The 19 Hottest Hollywood Stars OF ALL TIME (1916-2016)

My list of THE HOTTEST MOVIE STARS ever to grace the silver screen, from the silent era to this afternoon. They're all here. Check them out after the jump. (PS This list is NON-NEGOTIABLE).  ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Publisher, Jann Wenner

January 7, 1946- Jann Wenner: “Magazines that depend on photography, and design, and long reads, and quality stuff, are going to do just fine despite the Internet and cable news.” I am still just crazy about magazines. Even with some of my favorites biting the ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Richard Gere

August 31, 1949- Richard Gere studied Philosophy at the University Of Massachusetts, but he had hoped for a career as musician. But, he did go on to ... See the Rest

Richard Gere Drinks Beer in the Park, Wearing Underwear on his Head

Huh? Must-see pictures after the jump. ... See the Rest

Sunday 2: The Clock Moves Forward

Yes, it's daylight savings time this Sunday when we Spring forward. To celebrate, here's a (bootleg) clip of artist Christian Marclay's The Clock. Have you heard of this film? Probably. You won't see it on Netflix or your local cineplex. Marclay and a team of editor's spent YEARS ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote

"Paul [Schrader] came to see me in Malibu and said, 'You've got to say yes to this by tomorrow at the latest.' I read it and I thought, 'This is a character I don't know very well. I don't own a suit. He speaks languages; I don't speak any languages. There's kind of a gay thing ... See the Rest

Today’s Clip Reel: 50 Best Movie Laughs of All Time

  Maybe not all best, and maybe not of all time, and maybe not 50 (we didn't count), but enough to momentarily entertain. ... See the Rest

Oscar Power Couples Throughout the Years

The 1950s: The 1960s: 1970s: 1980s: 1990s: The 2000s: (via BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest