#CrazyNews: A New York Pastor Thinks Justin Bieber “Cut Off His Breasts”


We've heard from this nut job before.... NYC pastor (I feel like that should be in quotes) ... See the Rest

#OMG: You Won’t Believe Atheist Stephen Fry’s Shocking Answer To, “What Would You Say To God?”


The openly gay Stephen Fry is an unapologetic atheist. If you're going to ask him a question about God then you had better fasten your seat belt. Gay Byrne was ... See the Rest

Oh Geez: Mike Diamond Chats with Religious Activist Alicia Geez

Video thumbnail for youtube video Oh Geez: Mike Diamond Chats with Religious Activist Alicia Geez - World of Wonder

Always hilarious über-queen Mike Diamond chats with religious activist Alicia Geez of the Anti-Illuminati Task Force about Beyonce, Rihanna, and "the space Jews." Wait, what? Is she for ... Watch Now

Okies Upset by Satanic Proposal


To  "compliment and contrast" a Ten Commandments monument that already stands on the Oklahoma state capitol grounds, the New York-based religious group See the Rest

Person the Year: Pope Francis Covers Time


Well, think what you will about Time's choice for Person of the Year but it'll sure look good on newsstands during the holidays, huh? – you can't argue with that. (via ... See the Rest

Kim Kardashian Accuse of Being an Illumnati

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 7.02.04 PM

When Kim Kardashian posted this pic of herself with her friend Brittny Gastineau (to wish Brittny a happy birthday. I hope Brittny bought a ... See the Rest

Leah Remini Splits from the Church of Scientology

Leah Remini leaves the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" studios wearing slippers and a Jimmy Kimmel hoodie!

The New York Post's "Page Six" is reporting that after decades of faithful service and millions of dollars in the collection plate, King of Queens star Leah Remini has finally soured on Scientology. “It all began when Leah questioned the validity of excommunication of people,” ... See the Rest

Madonna Still Stirs Up the Controversy


This time it's a picture of Madge wearing a Muslim niqab style chain mask with the caption, "The Revolution of Love is on... Inshallah." Apparently she knows that stirring up this kind of ... See the Rest