Gene Simmons, Receptionist of the Day

The rock 'n' roll legend! Gene Simmons from Kiss! ... See the Rest


Wowlebrity Receptionist of the Day

It's Raven hunty! ... See the Rest


Wowlebrity Guest Receptionists
of the Day

It's the always gorgeous Andrea James and Calpernia Addams! ... See the Rest


Celebrity Receptionist of the Day

In Touch magazine senior news editor and cutie-patootie Noah Levy is our special guest receptionist of the day. ... See the Rest


WOW Receptionist of the Day

Musician and bangee fashionista AB Soto is taking the world and the WOW office by storm. You too can "Fag Out" with AB online everywhere. ... See the Rest


Wowlebrity Receptionist of the Day

It is the gorgeous and very stunning Aubrey O'Day. Very sweet and amazing fashion! See more WOWlebrities. ... See the Rest


Wowlebrity Guest Receptionist of the Day

Tootsie Loo! Why, it’s RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race star Tammie Brown and her guitar player Michael stopping by WOW to answer phones and serenade us ... See the Rest


WOW Guest Receptionist of the Day

It's the delivery boy Trent from Sheila G's Brownie Brittle delivering our monthly dose of Brownie Brittle. They also were very sweet to include some ... See the Rest