#RIP Partridge Family Star Suzanne Crough


Former child star Suzanne Crough, who played the tambourine-shaking Tracy Partridge throughout the show's run from 1970 to 1974, has died. She was 52 (which just sounds IMPOSSIBLE). Nevada's Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said an autopsy was scheduled Wednesday, but that a ... See the Rest

TOO SOON! 117-Year-Old Misao Okawa Dies

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The World's  Oldest Person, Misao Okawa - born in 1898 - and one of the last five people ON THE PLANET who were born in the 19th century! – died peacefully in her nursing home yesterday. The daughter of a kimono-maker from Osaka, Mrs Okawa was born before cars, airplanes, ... See the Rest

He Lived Long and Prospered: Leanard Nimoy, Dead at 83

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Sad news today: Leonard Nimoy, who played the pointy-eared Vulcan, Dr Spock ,in the original Star Trek series, died of pulmonary disease after being hospitalised earlier this week. He was 83, and seemed damned near immortal. Hard to believe he's gone. From the ... See the Rest

RIP ’80s Brit-Pop GOD Steve Strange

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Steve Strange, the BEYOND ICONIC former lead singer of '80s New Romantic band Visage, died of a heart attack in Egypt yesterday. He was 55.  Strange co-founded the legendary Blitz Club in London, a venue that pioneered the New Romantic movement and gave bands like Duran Duran, ... Watch Now

#RIP: Luise Rainer and the Telephone Scene that Made Her a Legend

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As Trey pointed out earlier, one of the last icons of Hollywood's Golden Age has died today. Luise Rainer was 104. 104, can you imagine? After the jump is the legendary single-take "telephone scene" from Ziegfeld Follies that won her the first of her back-to-back Oscars in 1936. ... See the Rest

RIP Billie Whitelaw

'Armchair Theatre - You and Me' TV Programme - 1968

Spellbinding British actress and frequent muse to playwright Samuel Beckett, Billie Whitelaw, has died at age 82. “I could have easily have become a nun, or a prostitute, or both,” Billie Whitelaw is quoted in The Guardian as saying. Instead, she claimed that acting allowed her ... See the Rest

RIP Mary Ann Mobley

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The glamorous Mary Ann Mobley, who won the Miss America crown in 1958 ands costarred with Elvis Presley in several flicks,  has died from breast cancer at 77. Mary Ann and her husband Gary Collins ("the hardest working man in show biz" my mother always said), were longtime ... See the Rest

Sham Ibrahim’s Touching Portrait of Joan Rivers

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Sham writes: "For the past couple days, I was working on a portrait of Joan Rivers to send to her family at the hospital in New York. I finished the portrait last night and woke up this morning to discover she had passed away. So, here it is. RIP Joan." It's really beautiful. ... See the Rest