Rashida Jones attends the World Premiere of 'Cuban Fury' in London

On the Red Carpet: Rashida Jones at the Cuban Fury Premiere, London

Rashida is wearing a superfab psychedelic Prada frock with... is that Jacqueline Suzanne's face on there? I think it is. That pretty amazing. I would ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

1. Sharon Stone attends the Catalina Film Festival where she received the Stanley Kramer Social Artist Award (which honors "a film professional whose ... See the Rest


Sad News for Parks and Recreation Fans

Favorites Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will be leaving the series halfway through the sixth season, staying for only 13 of the 22 episodes. They will be ... See the Rest

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Celebrities at Large

Taking it from the top: Chris Evans hotfoots it to the Los Angeles set where he's shooting Captain America: The Winter Soldier; lovely Rashida Jones ... See the Rest

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Flaunt Gets Its Jones On: The Ravishing Rashida Jones Inside the Magazine

Photos by Stevie and Mada at BuzzFeed ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video The <i>Celeste & Jessie Forever</i> Trailer - World of Wonder

The Celeste & Jessie Forever Trailer

Damn, Andy. Celeste & Jessie Forever looks absolutely, heartbreakingly wonderful. And yet I can't help but feel it's this year's (500) Days of ... See the Rest