Quote Unquote: Rachel Bilson

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"People don't get that they stole everything in my house, and it was hard. It was hard to never get it back. It was hard to learn that a girl took a poop in my house. It's like, 'Dude, TMI.'" – Rachel Bilson on being a victim of the Bling Ring and why she won't see the movie. ... See the Rest

Rachel Bilson Covers May Cosmopolitan


... See the Rest

An Assortment of Celebrity Snapz!


The biceptual Ryan Gosling arriving stretched and sloppy at LAX; Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson getting wet in Barbados; Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger all smoochy at Coachella; primatologist Jane Goodall and her monkey in New York. ... See the Rest

OMG! Bianca Jagger! Looking Fabulous! At Roberto Cavalli party! I’m dying!

  Roberto Cavalli does sexy, wispy, flowing, animal print-y clothes that celebrities loooove wearing. His Paris Fashion Week party last night was THE place to be and be seen. And be seen wearing his clothes. I mean: BIANCA JAGGER, you guys! The LEGEND! The ICON! She hasn't looked ... See the Rest

Snap!: A Little Paddle Do Ya

Rachel Bilson paddle surfing yesterday in Hawaii, where she's vacationing with her family and some friends after her split with longtime boyfriend Hayden Christensen. (Photo via Faded Youth) ... See the Rest

Don’t call it a comeback

Rachel Bilson was always the poor man's Mila Kunis. Or maybe she was the thinking man's Kristin Kreuk. I get confused. Anyway, she was SOMETHING to SOMEBODY once upon a time, but lately I'm pretty sure she's just been sitting on the couch watching Kardashian marathons with a bag ... See the Rest

Hayden christensen still heart-stoppingly beautiful

Attention Hollywood casting directors: Stop punishing my boy Hayden for George Lucas' Star Wars FAIL! Looking at his IMDB page, all I see coming up is Jumper 2 and the voice of "Jammer" in Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey. And any boy with a face like THIS deserves so much ... See the Rest


Jumper co-stars Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson photographed last night at a fashion party in the penthouse at the Cooper Square Hotel in New York. They plan to be marry in the spring of 2010. (via Zack Taylor) ... See the Rest