#TheRoyals: Oh, It Is Game On, Queen!


Set in modern-day England, The Royals follows the lives of a fictional British Royal family. Enough said? Are you in? The possibilities positively titilate. Prince Liam (William Moseley) is thrust into the spotlight after the death of his older brother puts him next in line to ... See the Rest

Madonna Gets Laced

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.15.11 AM

Madonna needed help lacing her Givenchy boots, but not from one, not from two, but from three assistants. If you had any doubt who the Queen was, this should take care of that. ... See the Rest

The Mercurotti? A Duet with Freddie Mercury & Luciano Pavarotti (Sort Of)

Marc Martel as Freddie Mercury

The late Freddie Mercury, frontman of Queen, and Luciano Pavarotti, the (also-late) Italian opera star, were two of the greatest belters of the 20th century. Now, you can hear singer Marc Martel (never heard of him before) giving you what it would sound like if those two sang a ... See the Rest

80s Flashback: Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury’s Long-Lost Duet

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 7.13.19 PM

In case you didn't know (I didn't!) the late Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury recorded a few songs together in the 80s, but they were never released. They were a popular bootleg for fans and you once could find them all on YouTube, but they've all been deleted. The surviving ... See the Rest

Stream: Perfume Genius “Queen”

perfume genius

  “Sometimes I see faces of blank fear when I walk by … if these fucking people want to give me some power — if they see me as some sea witch with penis tentacles that are always prodding and poking and seeking to convert the muggles — well, here she comes!”- Perfume ... See the Rest

Madonna Is Gunning For the Queen of Instagram Crown

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.49.40 PM

Who needs Rihanna and her topless photos when Madonna has been on an Instagram posting frenzy?! Madge has been posting pics like this one, but all of them with the hashtag #unapologeticbitch so that leads us Madonnaphiles assuming that will be the name of her next single, ... See the Rest

Cohen Not Goin’ to Play Freddie Mercury


Sacha Baron Cohen was heart-set to play the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in a bio pic on the musician, but the remaining members of the band, who have script and director approval, didn't see eye-to-eye with the actor over content. So, sadly, Cohen has pulled out of the ... See the Rest

Gunpowder, Gelatine? Who Knew?


  ... See the Rest