Hot Look of the Day: Dog-Hair Purses

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Dogs shed. It's a fact of life. Another fact of life? You need a new purse. Why not combine the two and get yourself a new purse made from woven dog hair? Doris Carvalho has come up with an original way of combining her two greatest passions – veterinary science and fashion. She recycles dog hair that’s left over from grooming, and converts it ... See the Rest

Hot Accessory of the Day: Frog Purse


Frog purses are apparently "a thing" in the Philippines. Would you ever? (via Odee) ... See the Rest

Nerdgasm: Dr Who-Themed Purses

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From Fashionably Geek: Fabulous Dalek and TARDIS bags made of felt, fully lined, with interior zipped pockets. The Dalek measures 13.8″ tall overall, and once you unzip his domed head you’ve got 6.7″ of storage space. The TARDIS measures 11.8″ by 6.3″ on the exterior and is not bigger on the inside. Product Page Dalek/TARDIS $190/$180 (via ... See the Rest

Must-Have Musical Bug Bags


From Teacups & Couture: "Scandinavian DesignLab and PARISTEXAS have teamed together to make a series of bags that look like a bug that had a musical instrument shoved up its tiny, little bug ass.” WOW.   ... See the Rest



  (via disturbing images) ... See the Rest

Pup Culture

At first, we thought this was the bitch the boys sent shopping while they commandeered the den playing poker. Turns out it's LuLu, the one-year-old miniature pinscher who lives in the Chinese province of Zhumadian and likes to walk upright on her hind legs. You have a problem with that? And unlike other miniature dogs that fancy ladies carry in ... See the Rest