#DogRaceMiniChallenge: Leaf Blower Turns Dog’s Face Inside Out!

Well, this is just... disturbing. If you thought Miss Fame's leaf-blown look was horrifying (NEVER FORGET), check out this jowly bulldog whose face is COMPLETELY ... See the Rest

#InstaCa$h: Check Out The Rich Dog$ of Instagram

Yes, these rich bitches are living better than we are. (Unless JLo is reading this, not you, hon.) The ratio per pic here is; one-third funny; one-third disgusting (the owners, not ... See the Rest

#PupCulture: 16 of The WORST Canine Cake Fails

I've never even thought of ordering a "dog cake". What or who are they for? They can't be for dogs because, A. Don't are supposed to eat sugar and chocolate and, ... See the Rest

#PupCulture: Before & After Of Dogs That Got Rescued

These pics from Bark Post show what a HUGE difference it makes for a dog when they get adopted. The before and after pictures of these dogs are heart-warming, to say the least. It ... See the Rest

#PupCulture: These Dogs (& Cat) Don’t Have The Best Table Manners

It's just a promo for Fresh Pet but it's really fun to watch these dogs and cats eating at the table with people hands. (Btw, Freshpet isn’t canned food ... See the Rest

LOL OTD: Cat with Human Body Has Dogs Over for Christmas Dinner

A very annoyed cat (with a human body) presides over a table of ill-mannered dogs (with human bodies) for a holiday meal. The dogs proceed to drink too much, argue, and steal food from each other's plates – as dogs do. Funnier than it sounds, trust me. ... See the Rest

Pup Culture: William Wegman’s A-Z of Weimaraners

The artist/ photographer William Wegman posted this on his Facebook this weekend and has gotten nearly 75,000 shares since. Nothing earth-shattering, but I like it. Watch. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js ... See the Rest

Hello Kitty!: Dogs & Cats Stuck In Awkward Places

Yes. Awkward. These pets got into some tight spots and seem to really not care. Princess in a bowl, Bowser in the dishwasher and Muffin between the couch cushions are all totally nonchalant as to how ... See the Rest