Million Dollar Listing New York: Ryan Tryin’ It on a Date with Inappropriate Banter

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If we didn't know better, we'd think he was in the Big Brother 15 house. His date is remarkably sweet. And tolerant. Watch Million Dollar Listing New York on Wednesday at 9PM on Bravo. ... See the Rest

First Three Minutes of Million Dollar Listing: New York

The new season of Million Dollar Listing: New York is going to be insane! So much drama, real estate porn, and more drama! You're all going to love. Don't wait till May 8 to see what I'm talking about. Check out the first three minutes of the first episode now! And tune in May 8 ... See the Rest

What Perez Says About Life With La Toya

From Perez Hilton: "Well Perezcious readers, we don't exactly know what to say about this one! From the theme song, to the, 'that's me!'...we La Toya Jackson's upcoming reality show looks like it'll definitely be interesting! Check out the first look at the ... See the Rest

OMG, First Look: Life with La Toya

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It looks AMAZING! (La la la) Life With La Toya takes you inside the always outrageous world of La Toya Jackson — the wild card of showbiz’s most famous family — as she tackles love, big business, and maybe even parenthood, all on her own unpredictable terms. Tune in for the ... See the Rest

Tell It to Toy!

tell it

John Polly, story producer on WOW's upcoming OWN series Life With La Toya, writes: With the passing of the original Dear Abby recently, the world is feeling a dearth of sound advice. Well, here’s a flashback to show that Ms Van Buren wasn’t the only sage lady in town. Back in ... See the Rest

The Fabulous Amazing Race


Make sure you watch the Beekman Boys on The Amazing Race tonight at 8PM! And watch The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Thursdays at 10PM on the Cooking Channel. ... See the Rest

Breast Wishes


Former WOW colleague David Story just sent us this letter he dug up from the late Helen Gurley Brown complimenting him on Cleavage, the 2002 WOW documentary that he produced and she appeared in. Says Story: "I do love the line '[I] thought it was just super, didn't you?' It's ... See the Rest

10 Kids 2 Dads

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10 Kids, 2 Dads is the real Modern Family, no acting involved. Just two gay dads in a conservative suburb of Detroit doing their best to raise their 10 beautiful boys. I give dads Clint and Bryan all the credit in the world. I could just barely handle raising my two daughters. ... See the Rest