Disney Gender Swaps by Miyuli

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Boy, oh Boy: The Boyarynia by Konstantine Egorovich Makovsky

Russian artist Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky (1839-1915) is known for his historical paintings that show an idealized view of life in Russia in the past centuries. If you're a ... See the Rest

Joseph Stalin was a hot emo hipster

Well, I suppose if you can get past the roughly 30 million deaths he caused due to famine, execution, massacres, POW internments, Gulag labor camps, forced resettlement, and the Great Purge. Makes you want to swear off ... See the Rest

Hunk vs. Hunk: shirtless prettyboy edition

OK. So you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A lot, apparently. He easily won yesterday's matchup. Today, though, we're taking off the shirts and pitting him against New Moon's howling heartthrob, Taylor ... See the Rest