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Cool POTUS: Cashier Gets A Fist Bump From Obama Over Gay Sex Joke

That cashier – Daniel Rugg Webb, a comedian and part-time employee at Franklin Barbecue – told the Austin Chronicle the fist bump was a reaction to a ... See the Rest


Obama Zings Boehner; “Orange Really Is The New Black”

Joel McHale hosted and POTUS got in some good zingers; poking fun at the GOP, news outlets, himself and own administration at the White House ... See the Rest


George W. Bush: Ex-President, Outsider Artist

The world’s most distinctive gallery of international leaders will be seen tonight at an opening in Dallas. These famous faces were painted by another ... See the Rest

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Watch Now: Between Two Ferns With Barack Obama

I thought this was some editing trickery when I first saw POTUS's name associated with Zach Galafianakis's goofball faux-talk show Between Two Ferns, ... See the Rest


Michelle’s 50th: The Queen Sings For The First Lady

The White House kept the party pretty quiet, but The First Lady celebrated turning 50 years old with the help of Bey's renditions of "Single Ladies" ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Highlights of Obama's Standup Act at the White House Correspondents Dinner - World of Wonder

Highlights of Obama’s Standup Act at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Obama's standup killed. The man needs an HBO special. Maybe he could host the Oscars. ... See the Rest


The POTUS Takes a Selfie

(t/y Louis) ... See the Rest


Artist Chuck Close’s Tapestry Portraits of the President

(via) ... See the Rest