#LGBT: Ted Cruz Blasts Marriage Equality & Trans Issues. Again. “We’re Losing Who We Are”

Yes, you think Donald Trump is bad, and then you look and his closest rival and see the repugnant Ted Cruz and hear the things coming out of his mouth. The GOP POTUS candidate just ended a tour of Iowa with more comments against marriage equality ... See the Rest

Headline Of the Day: Donald Trump & Sarah Palin on the Cover of The New York Daily News

Donald Trump and imbecile Sarah Palin are on the front page of the New York Daily News today. Brilliant! And don't miss See the Rest

#WordSalad: The Whole Text of Sarah Palin’s Strange Fist Pump For Donald Trump

Yes, she's baaaaaack! Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for POTUS in one of THE most bizarre GOP stump speeches this side of Ben Carson. It's rather painful to watch (that voice is nails on a chalkboard, to me) ... See the Rest

Ex-Congressman Aaron Schock Gets a Gay Porn Parody, “Cauke For President”

Remember Aaron Schock? The anti-gay GOP Congressman who posed shirtless for Men's Health, decorated his office to resemble Downton Abbey and then resigned in disgrace after being accused of misusing public money? Schock's been ... See the Rest

“Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” with Barack Obama

For the season 7 premiere of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which debuted on last night, instead of a comedian, Seinfeld had the President (of the United States!) as his guest. But one thing was a bit different, Jerry Seinfeld and ... Watch Now

#PottyMouth: Fox News Suspends Contributor For Saying Obama, “Could Give a Sh*t” On Live TV

Two regular Fox News contributors were suspended yesterday for their on-air comments about President Obama. On Fox Business Monday morning, ... See the Rest

#GOPDildo: Matt Haughey Replaced Guns with Dildos In the Hands of Republicans

Anyone enamored with guns is justifiably subject to some Freudian judgements, in my book. But Matt Haughey, best known as the founder of ... See the Rest

#LGBT: President Obama Endorses the Equality Act & Appears on OUT100 Cover

Yesterday, President Obama and the White House officially endorsed proposed legislation known as the Equality Act which ... See the Rest