Must-Watch: Victoria Beckham Adorably Answers 73 Questions

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Victoria Beckham answers 73 rapid-fire questions from The Glossy ranging from why she fell in love with her husband ("Duh") to why she never smiles ("I'm smiling on the INSIDE, but I have a responsibility to the fashion community") to whether she believes in free will or destiny ... See the Rest

Lordy, Lordy Posh Spice Is Forty

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It's true. Now how old do YOU feel? Victoria Beckham, arguably the most successful Spice Girl, just turned 40. Her actual birthday was April 17th, but she just celebrated Sunday night with family and friends. Bandmates Mel C and Emma Bunton were there to celebrate with Posh ... See the Rest

Victoria Beckham Multitasks

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              Now this is the meaning of multitasking. Victoria Beckham went to speak at the Condé Nast College in London and found something that resonated with her: a treadmill/desk combo aka a treadmesk. It is quite smart ... See the Rest

Victoria Beckham Is Hairless


Why I am posting this? I don't know but I felt the need to since Victoria tweeted it. Here she is without her horse hair all clipped in. ... See the Rest

Victoria Beckham Is 39 Years Old Now


But you know DAMN well she didn't eat a morsel of that cake. Happy belated birthday, Posh, you skinny bitch! ... See the Rest

She’s Down for Another

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and baby Harper are see at JFK Airport to catch a plane to Los Angeles.

Victoria Beckham said in the past that after she had her girl, their family would be complete. Not so fast. Victoria just told Glamour  that she'd "never say never" when it comes to more children. As Latrice Royale says, "5G's – Good God Girl Get a Grip." Or a tubal ligation. ... See the Rest

She Smiles?


I was talking about the dolphin. Posh tweeted an intimate photo of herself, exposing an extremely vulnerable side of the former Spice Girl. No one would have believed that they would ever live to see the day that a) Victoria had the nerve to not wear heels (I would have ... See the Rest

Posh pushes door, England breathlessly awaits outcome

A. WHOLE. ARTICLE. ON. VICTORIA. BECKHAM. OPENING. A. DOOR. Just so the Daily Mail could get in the line "she's not too Posh to push." ALLITERATION! HA! Much heartache ensues as the former Spice Girl struggles with the stuck door. The full-page story, complete with six, count ... See the Rest