ArtPop: 80s Portraits By Clayton LeFevre Surface At Auction

In my copious free time (it's still freakin' winter here in New York, so I can't exactly go swimming!) I've been going through Julian's Auction ... See the Rest

cherie lily

WOW EXCLUSIVE Cherie Lily’s Servin’ Up Body!

NYC club music star Cherie Lily (and wifey to hot rocker Andrew W.K.) churns out another ménage pop bum burner for the voguing kiddies, from current ... See the Rest


Katy Perry’s Next Hit Song Was *Ahem* Leaked

 #Roar. The song is a smash frickin' juggernaut of a hit. Loved it when I heard Sara Bareilles sing it when it was called "Brave" back in July. Get ... See the Rest

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.52.49 AM

Pop That Booty

Literally, pop that booty. This woman made the crazy decision to have booty implants, which are still far from perfected, and look what she gets to do ... See the Rest


UK BIGkids Got the Beat!

Fusing manipulated big-band sounds, forlorn disco beats, and delightfully sentimental lyrics, BIGkids' debut album, Never Grow Up, is a full-on happy ... See the Rest


Tune for Today: “On With My Bad Self” by Jessie & the Toy Boys

Don't dismiss this catchy little pop tune as just a catchy little pop tune because it's probably the first catchy little pop tune to have a horrifying ... See the Rest


POP! Culture

From koikoikoi: "London based photographer Edward Horsford photographs water balloons in a very unique way. He freezes them in time as they leave his ... See the Rest

ab soto

AB Soto “Honey Boo Boo”

LA butch beat, banjee, honey boo boo! Child, whatever yr servin, we're eatin. If you shoot an arrow and it goes real high, hooray for you!  Get AB ... See the Rest