Yes, Homemade Mini-Pop Tart Cereal Is a Thing – AND WE HAVE THE RECIPE!

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One Million Moms Are Mad at This Pop Tart Commercial, Can You Figure Out Why?

Conservative watchdog group One Million Moms always has its knickers in a twist over SOMETHING. This time it's a rather innocuous Pop Tart commercial featuring a talking jar of peanut butter and a talking jar of jelly who are celebrating the birth of their lovely PBJ Pop Tart ... See the Rest

Must-Have Phone Case of the Day

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Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

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Pop Tarts in Times Square

As regular readers of The WOW Report know, the fearless leaders of World of Wonder Productions, Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, were at one time long ago known on the scene in New York as the musical duo, the Fabulous Pop ... See the Rest