RADAR Posts About the Upcoming World of Wonder Storefront Gallery Show: SHAM WOW

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The buzz keeps building! Radar Online reports: "World famous production house World of Wonder and Hollywood's favorite pop culture celebrity artist Sham Ibrahim team up to unveil Sham's latest collection in a private art exhibition THIS THURSDAY, September 18th, 2014. This will be the first time in five years World of Wonder opens its doors to ... See the Rest

Apocalypse Pooh

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One of the first great pop culture mashups, Apocalypse Pooh is the gritty story of Apocalypse Now told through the cartoons of Winnie the Pooh. According to Slate, it was created in 1987 by Canadian filmmaker Todd Graham, and made the rounds on VHS tapes for years before it was uploaded to the Internet. ... See the Rest

Big Freedia Queen Diva Vol. 2 Issue #6

Big Freedia Comic 206

On tonight's very special episode, we find Big Freedia at home with her family planning the final celebration of Miss Vera's life. It's a difficult time but Freedia finds strength in her family and friends. Their stories of Vera are both emotional and inspiring. Freedia, along with her sister, Crystal, uncle Percy and the rest of the family set the ... See the Rest

Big Freedia Queen Diva Vol. 2 Issue #5

Big Freedia Comic 205

This week Big Freedia brings on a new member to whip the shake team into shape. Roberto is a creative director with big ideas. Choreography, wardrobe & attitude all come together and pushes Team Freedia to the edge. Will the shake team shake their asses to Roberto's groove or will it be a bumpy ride down creative street? Big Freedia Queen ... See the Rest

Big Freedia Queen Diva Vol. 2 Issue #3

Big Freedia Comic 203

Today's adventure finds Big Freedia back in New Orleans preparing for Katey Red's party celebrating her 15 years in Bounce, biggity-biggity, bounce. As usual, Tootie & Steph are nowhere to be found when it's time for rehearsal - and Freedia has had it with their late asses. Can the girls shake their tardiness habit or will Freedia tell them to ... See the Rest

Big Freedia Queen Diva Vol. 2 Issue #2

Big Freedia Comic 202

While Freedia is at South by Southwest, it is a whirlwind of performances, interviews and photo shoots. This week after lots of standing around waiting, our diva is at the table with Sway for an on the air, live interview. Guest host, Heather B. gets stuck in the Peanut Butter and Freedia finds herself in a jam. Can Freedia bounce back and take ... See the Rest

Big Freedia Queen Diva Vol. 2 Issue #1

Bounce Comic 201

Welcome back to another season of adventures with Big Freedia, the Queen Diva! Today we find Freedia at the South by Southwest Music Festival representing bounce music like no one else can. Freedia and the shake team have fifteen minutes on stage to make an impression among the hundreds of other acts in Austin. It's a bouncy beginning when ... See the Rest

#Black #Gay #Unbothered


"THE TENTH" is a groundbreaking new zine from a group of Brooklyn-based artists that explores the intersections of queerness, blackness and male identity.  - Huffington Post (click to read the full length interview) "This is the first gay zine in a while that feels like it has a really strong identity and purpose" - Dazed Digital (click to read ... See the Rest