#PoopAir: Someone Took a Sh*t That Stank SO Horribly, They Turned the Plane Around

A British Airways flight was forced to turn around and land over the weekend because somebody did #2 so bad that it was gagging everyone. Quite an accomplishment, that your poop brought down a $500 million airplane. Your ass is essentially a terrorist. The BA ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Watch All 3 John Waters Rusicals NOW!

Now you can re-watch all three John Waters inspired Rusicals from See the Rest

Jon & John’s Extra Lap Recap, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 7 Episode 3 – Divine Inspiration, feat John Waters & Demi Lovato

The Sultan of Sleaze! The Pope of Trash! The Baron of Bad Taste! JOHN F*CKING WATERS came to RuPaul's Drag Race this week, and it's like queer culture felt some wonderful full-circle sense of ... See the Rest

Now You Can Anonymously Send Poop to Your Enemies!

Thanks to the new online company ShiteExpress, you can anonymously send a box of horse poop to anyone, anywhere in the world! Each package comes nicely packed, with a personalized, handwritten message. And it's 100% anonymous, the company ... See the Rest

Poop Culture: Where Your Poo Goes After You Flush

Here's the poop on the journey your feces makes after you flush the toilet. Spoiler alert: It ultimately ends up back in your mouth. And here's a fun fact: The methane gas from your poo is used to power the sewage plant that processes your poo! The circle of life! (via See the Rest

Don’t Eat Her Dumplings

What we're reading now – on the toilet. (t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

Two elephants, one trunk

Do not watch this video. I'm serious. Do not click play. Do not bitch and moan when you throw up on your Eggo. Do not blame me. (Oh, who am i kidding. YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! OMG IT'S SO SERIOUSLY DEPRAVED!) ... See the Rest

Two huge wavepoos!

I try not to advertise my wavepoos, but I guess in this economy you gotta give the people what they want! ... See the Rest