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Awards Season Begins Here!

Thank-you to everyone who voted and especially to Tom Campbell who got the vote out. ... See the Rest


Kevin Needs a Hug of the Day

Although Brittany Wellman still has him beat, imho. ... See the Rest


Politics – A Funny Thing

Some things just make me giggle. Last Sunday I was going over some newly released polling data and I noticed some interesting trends that didn’t seem ... See the Rest


The Press, the Polls, and the President

A few months back the Republicans seemed to have it in the bag. The president’s approval numbers were in the crapper and his constant “compromises” ... See the Rest


And Then There Were Two

For some time now polling data has shown that Mitt Romney was the only Republican candidate that was competitive with President Obama in national ... See the Rest

Midterm Mania and the lack of Accomplisments

In case you missed it, the 111th Congress is now gone. They recessed for the midterms Wednesday evening. And unfortunately the Obama administration’s ... See the Rest

Poll Watch – The Loss Of Confidence

Photo: Pete Souza, The Obama-Biden Transition Project According to a new national poll only 4 in 10 Americans now believe that President Obama ... See the Rest

The Politics of Partying

A photo of a shirtless beer-guzzling band of rowdy boys partying down in a Georgetown bar wouldn’t usually cause that much of a stir, unless of ... See the Rest