Rock the Vote: The Goddess Bunny is Running for Mayor of Inglewood!

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Good news for the citizens of Inglewood, California, The blessed Goddess Bunny aka Sandy Crisp is running for mayor. The legendary star of the Punk Bunny video "Golden Shower" wants everyone to know this is not a stunt, and it's not a bid for some cheap headlines. She cares about the community and wants to be an agent of change. ... See the Rest

Arnold Schwarzenegger Under Cover at Gold’s Gym

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving back to the kids and going under cover at Gold's Gym to promote After school programs. Check him out in his natural environment and see if anyone recognizes the father of four five! Its actually pretty hilarious. ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Chris Christie

New Jersey governor Chris Christie arrives at the 'Late Show With David Letterman' in New York City

"I'd grab them and hug them and tell them I love them," adding that he'd say, "'Dad believes marriage is between one man and one woman.' My children understand there will be differences of opinion in my house." - Chris Christie, NJ Governor, in his final debate with Barbara Buono, whose daughter is openly gay, when he was asked how he'd react if ... See the Rest

Eddie Izzard for Mayor of London


British cross-dressing actor-comedian Eddie Izzard, attending the Labour Party conference in Brighton yesterday, confirmed his desire to be elected Mayor of London in the year 2020. He announced it in a formal political setting, and for the first time mentioned his goal in a way that couldn’t be written off as just a dream. Labour Party leader Ed ... See the Rest

Weiner?! Spitzer?!


The New York City Mayoral race is lining up to be a freak showdown between disgraced politico, former Congressman Anthony Weiner (tweeted his wiener) and City Councilman and Christine Quinn. The former Governor Elliot Spitzer (hired a call girl) is running for City Comptroller. Eh, scandal schmandal. We New Yorkers FORGIVE! But we don't FORGET. ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Andy Borowitz


"Texas Republicans today proposed a bill that would call for a 20-foot woman-proof fence around the state." ... See the Rest

Politicians in High School

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From top, left: Joe Biden, Rudi Giuliani, Eric Cantor, David Axelrod, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, George Bush, and Mitt Romney. Not gonna lie, I would have lusted after each and every one. Even Newt Gingrich. Even Eric Cantor. ESPECIALLY Rudi Giuliani and David Axelrod. And Paul Ryan, omg YUM. Joe Biden is an old crush, so his hot high shool pic ... See the Rest


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I remember last fall shopping at Target and being shocked to see these cards. The entire set in the Santa Monica branch of the so-called Election Collection was anti-Obama.  Too bad for them that things didn't turn out as planned! ... See the Rest