Real Estate Porn: Tiny, Well-Designed Edition

Usually, "real estate porn" describes properties that are over-the-top and unattainable – any place in New York City is starting to feel that way, ... See the Rest

bieber poland

Justin Bieber Unnecessarily Dropped Trou and Stripped to His Tighty-Whities at Airport Security in Lodz, Poland

It was minus-six degrees in Lodz yesterday and no one required him to undress. “He wasn’t told to take off his clothes. He had no metal objects on ... See the Rest



Is this real? Yes, it is. The recently completed giant on/off switch is the work of Valencia-based street artist Escif and resides on the side of an ... See the Rest


Architecture Porn: The Krzywy Domek

The Krzywy Domek (which roughly translates to "Crooked House" or "What James sees in a K-hole") is an irregularly-shaped building in Sopot, Poland, ... See the Rest

Anna Grodzka

A Letter From Poland

  Hi, My name is Magda. I’m from Poland (straight female, but still an avid supporter of LGBT rights) and your regular reader at ... See the Rest