#DrawingRoom: Artist Mel Odom’s Vintage Sexy Guys Are Still Hot


Mel Oldom's style defined the 70s and 80s and vice versa. You might know it from his vintage posters, book covers, a line of Paper Moon cards, and First Eyes, his first book. Odom's work has appeared in a variety of magazines over the years, like Time, the now-defunct Omni, ... See the Rest

Azealia Banks Covers Playboy: “I Hate Fat White Americans!”


Azealia Banks is NOT afraid... of black cats or Twitter trolls or anything it seems. She poses for Playboy and gives an interview where she sounds off on... well, just read this excerpt: If people read your Twitter account and don’t like you, is that because of race? "It’s ... See the Rest

John Waters to Host Playboy’s Classic Porn

john waters

Playboy took a few notes from Time Warner Classic Movies and will bring classic porn to your TV screen Saturday nights (starting tonight at 10PM!) And that's not all! "Groundbreakers" (the title of the series) will be hosted by none other than John Waters! The legend will ... See the Rest

Us Halloweekly: Celeb Cosplay At Some Early Halloween Parties

Wayne Coyne and Flaming Lips on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Besides Flaming Lips which plays dress-up 365 as a rule, LA had some early (and kinda corporate) Halloween parties; Casamigos (Rande Gerber & George Clooney's tequila) William Morris Agency and Playboy all had some celebrities/models/hookers attend in full costume. Plus, there's ... See the Rest

Kate Moss Covers Playboy’s 60th For Her 40th


Kate Moss posed topless for fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (which for her is all in a day's work) It was for Playboy magazine's 60th anniversary edition, and also to celebrate turning 40 in January. Inside the magazine, Kate talked about her meteoric rise to ... See the Rest

Playboy Celebrates 60 Years; Penthouse Files for Bankruptcy


Playboy will celebrate its 60th anniversary with supermodel icon Kate Moss on the cover this year. Meanwhile, poor Penthouse filed for bankruptcy protection after losing nearly $50 million last year. By contrast, a newly streamlined Playboy loses about $6 million a year, although ... See the Rest

Playboy Marfa Rankles Locals


Richard Philips' art installation, "Playboy Marfa" in collaboration with Playboy's Creative Director, Neville Wakefield, is a 40-foot neon bunny logo and a concrete platform with a black 1972 Dodge Charger. It's really art, guys, but some locals think it's just an ad. When ... See the Rest

Uncover Girl: Kate Moss to Pose Nude!


Haha, that's funny. When is Kate Moss ever not nude? (See full NSFW array here.) This particular time is somewhat different, however, if not really special: She'll literally be in her birthday suit for January's Playboy on the occasion of her 40th birthday and the magazine's ... See the Rest