Urine Facials, Anal Steaming and Other Great Moments from Last Night’s “Good Work”

Episode 5-4

On last night's episode of Good WorkRuPaul, Sandra Vergara, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow, and special ... See the Rest

Kristen Stewart Thinks Women Who Have Plastic Surgery Are Committing “Vandalism”

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Of course it's easy to say something like that when you're in your 20s and everything is lovely and firm and where it should be. Let's check back in with her in her ... See the Rest

RuPaul Got Breast Implants Through His Mouth! (aka the Top 5 Moments from This Week’s Good Work)

Sandra Vergara Toothpaste

RuPaul, Sandra Vergara and Dr. Terry Dubrow were back last night on E! with another episode of Good Work.  We're kind of obsessed with plastic surgery so this show really speaks to us. Here ... See the Rest

The Top Five Moments from Last Night’s Good Work Premiere!

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Last night, of course was the premiere of Ru's new E! reality show, Good Work –  think Fashion Police but with PLASTIC SURGERY. Each ... See the Rest

#RIP: Did Dermo To The Stars, Frederic Brandt, Commit Suicide Over A TV Satire?


Dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Frederic Brandt died in Miami over the weekend but the cause of death is unclear at this point. His publicist has refused to comment on specifics, but Miami Herald reporter Lesley Abranavel says ... See the Rest

My Hero: Man Spends $150,000 to Look Like Kim K – Ends Up Even MORE BEAUTIFUL

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Raquel & Jane: A Bombshell & Former Sex Symbol In Their 70s


I saw this picture on the news wire and posted it on Facebook, as I ... See the Rest

Three-Breasted Girl Answers Your Burning Questions


Jasmine Tridevil (possibly not her real name) has three boobs after saving for two years to get the operation to have a third breast ... Watch Now