#TheEiFAILTower: The Internet Gives This Guy Photoshop Lessons – With Hilarious Results

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Can We Talk About Mariah’s Single Cover ‘Shop Fail?

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A Photoshop Too Far…

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Don’t You Make Her Brown Eyes Blue

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Reflections don’t lie

It's a sad fact of life that the older we get, the more our reflections surprise and upset us. But imagine you are Jane Lynch, and you have just been photoshopped into a virtual goddess. Then you notice the retouchers forgot ... See the Rest

Photoshop fail

I know I'm a bit late on this one, but I spent all weekend trying to come up with a title. The best I could do was: "Cover Without Pit-y," (because her armpit's been removed, GET IT?) But that's pretty lame. I also tried for ... See the Rest

Screw it. Here’s two prairie dogs making out

I was GOING TO write an in-depth analysis of the new Elle magazine cover with Keira Knightley, in which I ... See the Rest

Demi’s hip is sooo last year

Nowadays, all the cool kids are buzzing about Emma Watson's missing leg in the new Burberry campaign! And here I was so busy leering at her little brother, I never even THOUGHT to look at HER! I'd like to see the full shot of ... See the Rest