#Sorry: The Weirdest Group of Selfies on The Internet – Promise.


There are tens of millions of selfies taken every day, so claiming that these are the weirdest must be saying something, right? Well, take a look, if there are stranger ones, I really don't want to see them. I'm foisting them on you, know and I very often say, "You're welcome" ... See the Rest

#Iconic: Was Annie Leibovitz Consciously Channeling This Marilyn Monroe Image For Caitlyn’s Debut?


Is it synchronicity or just coincidence that Caitlyn Jenner made her world premiere on Marilyn Monroe's birthday? After I got over the excitement, this iconic shot by Philippe Halsman of Monroe popped into my mind. Marilyn is certainly the archetype that Hollywood has been trying ... See the Rest

#DragHerstory: Who’s “America’s Next Drag Superstar”, Victorian Edition?


Penny Dreadful's transgender surprise wasn't really that shocking to me. I knew that Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) was in for something extra when he met lady-for-hire Angelique (Jonny Beauchamp) When he shows up at Angelique's brothel for a Victorian-era paid booty call, the "lady" ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: I Get My 15 Minutes of New York Photo Fame (With A Flattop, Shirtless & In Drag)


Everybody has pictures of their friends doing fun things and if you hold onto them long enough, they might just be seen as something other people are interested in. Today billions of pictures a week are shot and plastered all over the internet (what will happen to all of these ... See the Rest

#RIP: Photographer, Mary Ellen Mark


The great photographer, Mary Ellen Mark has passed away at the age of 75. She is known for her photojournalistic portraiture and had 16 collections of her work published and has been exhibited at galleries and museums around the world. Born in suburban Philadelphia, ... See the Rest

#RuPaulsDragCon: Sera Lindsey’s Portraits of People “Dancing Outside the Surface of the Norm”


Sera Lindsey is a photographer based in Los Angeles. That's what her bio says on her website. That's all most photographers want you to know, as they are ALL ABOUT their subjects and they are NOT the story. Well, Sera went to RuPaul's Drag Con and took these amazing portraits, ... See the Rest

#OnlyInNewYork: These Vanished Newsstands Photos Are a 90s Time Capsule


Newsstands are still around, but like benches and bike stands, you only notice them when you really need one. Otherwise, they are sort of invisible. More than 300 newsstands still operate in the city today and most are in Manhattan. There are few in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and ... See the Rest

#HappyMothersDay: 13 Amazing Artist Tributes to Women & Love

John Baldessari

This grouping is not definitive in any way. You could have entire museum exhibits and volumes of catalogue about women, the female form, in art and photography from Madonna & Child to Madonna and daughter Lordes. But Hamburg Kennedy photography had an online Mother's Day exhibit ... See the Rest