#PictureThis2 : Arlene Gottfried’s Sometimes Overwhelming

Angel and Woman on Boardwalk, Brighton Beach, 1976.

NSFW: As a girl, Arlene Gottfried went to Woodstock armed with a small 35mm camera that once belonged to her uncle and afterward, her Brooklyn neighborhood offered her plenty to shoot in her in her own neck of the woods. Gottfried spent a lot of time in Coney Island and Brighton Beach, as well as the Manhattan's burgeoning nightclub scene. She says ... See the Rest

#TBT: These Amazing Vintage Images Were Saved From History’s Trash Heap

PRODUCTS ON PARADE:  Beauty queens adorn a float in a 1963 Wisconsin parade.

50 years from now, I wonder what will happen to the billions of images we create weekly with our smartphones and then post on Twitter & Instagram. Will they all just disappear when our hard drives crash? In the past, when negatives and prints were made by the millions, many were lost and thrown away but as physical things, they got saved too. ... See the Rest

Ai Weiwei Makes A Big Splash At The Dover Street Market


The latest project from Chinese conceptual artist Ai Weiwei involves pieces from emerging designers from the Dover Street Market in NY. Wei Wei was given free reign to shoot for V Magazine, “in whatever manner he chose.” So, new brands like Hood By Air and Gosha Rubchinskiy had their clothes splattered by buckets of paint. Taken mid-pour, the ... See the Rest

What Would New York Look Like Without Electricity?


Imagine this: New York city at night with no light except from the stars above. French artist Thierry Cohen pulled the plug on major cities by rendering them entirely free of electricity. Darkened Cities series features Shanghai, San Francisco, Paris, and New York.  In an effort to "reveal unseen realities," Thierry linkens photography as a way to ... See the Rest

Picture This: Nigel Grimmer’s “Art Drag Album”


Photographer Nigel Grimmer used paintings of exotic women by J.H. Lynch and Vladimir Tretchikoff as heads and himself for the bodies in his new series "Art Drag Album". He had friends snap the pictures and he's always trying to invent different ways of taking pics to interact with people. Nice trick! (Images, Nigel Grimmer; ... See the Rest

HalloQueen!: Alex & Felix’s “13 Queens”


These images are from the series "13 Queens", an immaculate collection from the Swiss artistic duo Alex & Felix. At first glance, they are strikingly beautiful, but then creeping in through the details is a slow, subtle, bitter reflection of mass-consumption on parade. For me, there's a LOT going on here to like. BONUS!: You can sign up on See Me ... See the Rest

Haunted Hospital: Ellis Island Is Visited By Ghostly Visions


Hospitals are the new creepy locations, given the Ebola scare –and as of this last week, the long-ago abandoned 112 year-old hospital on New York's Ellis Island has a new photographic installation by French street artist JR. Enlarged vintage photographs were pasted on walls, windows and other corners of the derelict Immigrant Hospital. It's now ... See the Rest

RIP Photographer David Armstrong

David Armstrong

Photographer David Armstrong died yesterday. He was 60. He became associated with “The Boston School,” which included artists and friends like Nan Goldin, Mark Morrisroe and Jack Pierson, the aesthetic being based on intimate snapshot portraits in saturated color. Armstrong entered into the MFA School in Boston as a painting major, but soon ... See the Rest