Trans-Formations: Wynne Neilly’s Female To Male

A new art exhibit is slated to open in Toronto this month that chronicles one artist's transition across the gender spectrum. "Wynne Neilly: Female to ... See the Rest

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Lying In Your Own Filth: Now It’s ART

Hrmph. I do this every night and nobody's lining up to take MY PHOTOGRAPH. California artist Gregg Segal photographs people lying in their weekly load ... See the Rest


The Flamboyant Life & Forbidden Art of George Quaintance

George Quaintance was not and is NSFW. An artist ahead of his time, he was a man who forged several successful careers, yet he never enjoyed what we ... See the Rest

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InstaModel: Crowd Sourcing Cast Marc Jacobs Latest Campaign

Unlike past Marc by Marc Jacobs campaigns, under the new direction of Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, the label's latest campaign features a cast of ... See the Rest


RIP The Contact Sheet: Legendary Stars In Mutiples

RIP. The contact sheet is dead. I spent a LOT of time in my life looking at these. As a former Art Director, I got to look at them, good ones, more ... See the Rest


RIP The Mall: “Lawless” Shots of What Remains

Yes, while you were busy shopping online, you murdered the mall. I know you didn't mean to – and don't feel TOO bad – there were other determining ... See the Rest


Hidden Fetish: Jo Ann Callis’s Mid-70s Work Surfaces

Jo Ann Callis was one of the first female photographers to work extensively with constructed sets, arranging models and objects in ambiguous, ... See the Rest

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Just Shoot Me: Kanye says, Annie Liebovitz Is “Scared of The Idea of Celebrity”?

“Let me tell you something about that kiss photo that my girl put up,” Kanye West told the audience at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference on June ... See the Rest