Copy / Paste: James Franco’s New (Old) Film Stills

New Film Stills opened last night in New York. It present a series of photographs made by James Franco in 2013, recreating Cindy Sherman’s Untitled ... See the Rest


Drag HerStory: You’re Invited To A “Private Birthday Party”

In 2006, artist Robert Heishman was poking around a Kansas City junk yard, looking for material for an documentary class, when he came upon a slide ... See the Rest


Dude!: Let’s Get REALLY High And Take Selfies

Me, I am TERRIFIED of heights, so I'm surprised that I can even LOOK at these shots. (I do get a weird queazy feeling, though) Armed with nothing but ... See the Rest


Photo News I: Pics & Letter From Woody To Mia

Another tibit from the latest Julien's Auction House upcoming sale… it' not a recent letter, but I'm curious to see what it sells for. From the ... See the Rest


American Vision: Garry Winogrand At The National Gallery

The photographs of Garry Winogrand, are now on view in a comprehensive retrospective of his career at the National Gallery of Art in DC. Born in 1928, ... See the Rest

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How to Get Your Very Own Glamour Makeover and Have a Photo Shoot with Austin Young!

To-Do this weekend: The Good Luck Gallery in Los Angeles presents Makeovers!, a photo studio performance by Austin Young, inspired by Glamorous ... See the Rest

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TransFilm: Bruce Weber’s “Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters”

An amazing short film directed by the legendary Bruce Weber. Brothers, Sisters, Sons, & Daughters takes a closer look at the lives of seventeen ... See the Rest


Support Hoes: Help Patrick McPheron Fund his Retro Sci-Fi Photo Series

Adorable FOWOW (Friend of World of Wonder, of course) and lensman extraodinaire Patrick McPheron has set up a Kickstarter to help fund his fab new ... See the Rest