Happy Earth Day! A Peek At Earth From Above

Today is Earth Day and I thought what better way to mark it than by looking at it – from above. But first, an alarming new statistic which will go ... See the Rest

Gregory Vaughn, "Brian"

You’ve Got Male: Housing Works Art Auction

Proceeds from the Design on a Dime Art Auction will benefit Housing Works’ newest supportive housing development, the Hull Street Residence, a new ... See the Rest


Flashback/ Flash Forward: A Period Easter Parade In NYC

If I had drained the beautiful color out of these pictures, cropped out the modernity, and posted them in black and white you would SWEAR they were ... See the Rest


Copy / Paste: James Franco’s New (Old) Film Stills

New Film Stills opened last night in New York. It present a series of photographs made by James Franco in 2013, recreating Cindy Sherman’s Untitled ... See the Rest


Drag HerStory: You’re Invited To A “Private Birthday Party”

In 2006, artist Robert Heishman was poking around a Kansas City junk yard, looking for material for an documentary class, when he came upon a slide ... See the Rest


Dude!: Let’s Get REALLY High And Take Selfies

Me, I am TERRIFIED of heights, so I'm surprised that I can even LOOK at these shots. (I do get a weird queazy feeling, though) Armed with nothing but ... See the Rest


Photo News I: Pics & Letter From Woody To Mia

Another tibit from the latest Julien's Auction House upcoming sale… it' not a recent letter, but I'm curious to see what it sells for. From the ... See the Rest


American Vision: Garry Winogrand At The National Gallery

The photographs of Garry Winogrand, are now on view in a comprehensive retrospective of his career at the National Gallery of Art in DC. Born in 1928, ... See the Rest