The Most Beautiful Pictures of New York at Night You’ve Ever Seen


For his series of stunning high-altitude photos of New York City at night, photographer Vincent Laforet and his camera had to be strapped into a helicopter with a body harness so that he could LEAN OUT OF THE SIDE and get the perspective he wanted. "Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: 5 Photographs By 5 Artists In 5 Days, By Me

Cindy  Sherman, Untitled Film Still #50, 1979

Last week, I was nominated by my pal, artist Alan Belcher to post five black and white photos from five different artists in five days. (T/y Alan) I'm not sure how far this exercise goes back, in terms of who started it, but I in turn will nominate 5 this week. Here are mine picks, along with a little explanation of the work: DAY ONE: David ... See the Rest

#TheFutureIsNow: Andy Warhol Will Be (Even More) World-Famous For ’15

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 2.52.06 PM

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" –Andy Warhol Yes, Andy's most famous quote WAS prophetic. And starting this year, he'll be MORE famous himself, if that's even possible. About 40 exhibitions of his work, much of it unseen by the public — will be out there in university art museums and institutions. The Andy Warhol ... See the Rest

#PictureThat: James Nares’ “New York 1974″

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 5.57.36 AM

British-born James Nares became was a central member of the New York art scene in the 70s and early 80s, making experimental Super 8 films, playing in bands, and staging live performances. The following decade, he turned to painting, using handmade brushes to create monumental strokes that seek to capture the very moment of creation. His oeuvre ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: Corinne Vionnet’s Iconic “Photo Opportunities”

series "Photo Opportunities"

These images are "layered", to say the least. Starting a decade ago, the French-Swiss artist Corinne Vionnet, created online keyword searches of vernacular images of tourist landmarks from around the world. She began to examine how we pick the optimum spot to photograph an iconic image and literally thousands of images went into the making of this ... See the Rest

#PictureThis2 : Arlene Gottfried’s Sometimes Overwhelming

Angel and Woman on Boardwalk, Brighton Beach, 1976.

NSFW: As a girl, Arlene Gottfried went to Woodstock armed with a small 35mm camera that once belonged to her uncle and afterward, her Brooklyn neighborhood offered her plenty to shoot in her in her own neck of the woods. Gottfried spent a lot of time in Coney Island and Brighton Beach, as well as the Manhattan's burgeoning nightclub scene. She says ... See the Rest

#TBT: These Amazing Vintage Images Were Saved From History’s Trash Heap

PRODUCTS ON PARADE:  Beauty queens adorn a float in a 1963 Wisconsin parade.

50 years from now, I wonder what will happen to the billions of images we create weekly with our smartphones and then post on Twitter & Instagram. Will they all just disappear when our hard drives crash? In the past, when negatives and prints were made by the millions, many were lost and thrown away but as physical things, they got saved too. ... See the Rest

Ai Weiwei Makes A Big Splash At The Dover Street Market


The latest project from Chinese conceptual artist Ai Weiwei involves pieces from emerging designers from the Dover Street Market in NY. Wei Wei was given free reign to shoot for V Magazine, “in whatever manner he chose.” So, new brands like Hood By Air and Gosha Rubchinskiy had their clothes splattered by buckets of paint. Taken mid-pour, the ... See the Rest