#QuoteUnquote: Photo Legend, James Bidgood, “I Was a Woman…”


James Bidgood revolutionized gay male erotic imagery by taking the pulp and glamour aesthetic of the 40s and 50s and applying it to male erotic fantasies, like no one before. From a NYC tenement in the 60s, he created photographs, like the one above using vibrant colors and ... See the Rest

#Flashback44: Hey, Squirrelfriends! How About Some Vintage Squirrel-Drag Pics?


Tommy Tucker was an orphaned squirrel in Washington, DC, when Zaidee Bullis adopted him and for some unknown reason, Bullis sewed custom-made doll dresses for him to model. In 1944, photographer Nina Leen was working on photo assignments for LIFE and as she had prior experience ... See the Rest

#Hollywoodland: Celebrity Portraits of Bardot, Pitt, Barrymore & More

Mario Testino
Kate Moss, London, 2006
Est. $6,000–8,000

Seeing Stars: Celebrity Portraits features photographs of celebs by Chris Levine, Terry O’Neill, Mario Testino, Horst, Bert Stern, David LaChapelle and more. Some of these shots are iconic others are much lesser known, but all the world's a stage and they are just playing their ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: Luke Smalley’s Retrospective Exercise


Luke Smalley’s Retrospective just opened Thursday at Clamp Art in New York this last week, surveying the late photographer's work. Many early images of Smalley's were inspired by yearbooks and fitness manuals. After earning a degree, in sports medicine, Smalley became interested ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: Matt Lipps’ “Library” Series Is The Time of Your Life


Matt Lipps’ work combines collage, constructed still life, and appropriated imagery and photography into a new and original form. This new exhibition consists of these 13 large-scale works from Lipps’ series “Library”, based on images from Time-Life’s 1970s seventeen volume set ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: “Red Hot 100″ Photo Exhibit Shows Off Sexy Gingers


It's toured London, New York and Sydney – and now the Red Hot 100, a photo exhibit of hot ginger guys by Thomas Knights, is now opening in Berlin. Now that we have Bryce Eilenberg as a new (token ginger?) Pit Crew member and Ginger Minj as an early Drag Race favorite, this seems ... See the Rest

#NSFW: Lady Bunny On Male Eye Candy In “Beefcake 100% Raw, All-Natural”


NSFW: A sexy new book, Beefcake; 100% Raw, All-Natural from Petra Mason (Universe) rehashes mid-century gay male physique mags. Honestly not a lot new here that you haven't seen before. But they were smart and got foreword from the outspoken drag legend and Wowlebrity, Lady ... See the Rest

#ShootingStars: This Amazing Meteor Pic Was “A Fluke”


John Alasdair Macdonald, a tour guide in the Scottish Highlands, caught this amazing meteor pic last week. Macdonald took his camera outside to capture some photographs of the stars on what he described as a "beautiful night" and as he snapped away, the meteor soared right into ... See the Rest