Queen Elizabeth II attends the Solemn Drumhead Service at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

Epic Queen Elizabeth Photobomb

I mean, first you get to play with your team in the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, then you snap a selfie and WHO photobombs you? THE FRICKIN QUEEN ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video #Photobombs Tourists: Jimmy Fallon & Cameron Diaz - World of Wonder

#Photobombs Away!: Jimmy Fallon & Cameron Diaz Get In The Picture

Jimmy Fallon, ever the cut-up, pranked unsuspecting tourists with Cameron Diaz at the Top of the Rock. It's pretty funny (and an easy thing to do if ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Shark Photobombs Family Photo

Shark Photobombs Family Photo

And peopleĀ ask me why I don't go in the ocean... ... See the Rest


Nic Cage: Photobomb in the Liquor Store

(t/y Louis) ... See the Rest



See it? ... See the Rest

beach seen

Beach Seen

... See the Rest

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Malia Obama photobombed a shot being taken by sister Sasha as their parents, President and Mrs Obama, leaned in for a kiss at yesterday's ... See the Rest

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Poses at Chipotle

As close to a photobomb as propriety allows. (via filthyphil) ... See the Rest