This John Lewis Commericial Wins Christmas This Year

The British department store commercial, in which a winsome young boy gets a mail-order bride for his pet penguin, is this year's contender for best Christmas commerical – on par with last year's Apple "See the Rest

Flashback 2006: Leonardo DiCaprio Is Attacked by a Penguin During a Trip to the Antarctic

Never forget. ... See the Rest

Penguin: Flippery When Wet

Slip-sliding penguin ... See the Rest

Penguins Chasing a Butterfly

It's all about the butterfly. (via dumbscar) ... See the Rest

High School Musical Sluts

The stars of one of my very fave musicals, High School Musical, have tweeted out a naughty pic of themselves for Christmas. I am seriously coveting Ashley's Chanel penguin sweater, like for ... See the Rest


... See the Rest

Dermot Mulroney and a Macaroni Penguin

Love him. Omg, have you SEEN The Grey? It's the most upsetting movie I'VE EVER SEEN. Seriously. Terrifying. Fuckin' WOLVES, man. WHO KNEW? I'm never leaving the big city EVER AGAIN. They'll GET YOU. They'll hunt you down and TEAR YOU APART. Go see it. You'll have nightmares for ... See the Rest

Angry Penguin

  ... See the Rest