#BornThisDay: Director/Choreographer, Jerome Robbins

October 12, 1918- There is the famous anecdote about Jerome Robbins. I first heard it when I was a high school drama nerd. Robbins was known for dressing down his actors in ... See the Rest

“Feminine Men Not Wanted” Broadway Actor Speaks Out On Internalized Homophobia In Gay Scene

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#GreatGrantham: 15 of Maggie Smith’s Most Meme-orable Moments

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#GayTVCrisis: First “Looking” Is Cancelled & Now “Downton Abbey” Is Ending!?

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The Physics of Space Battles

George Lucas based all his space battles on WWII dog fights, of course, and ever since, Hollywood has followed his lead. Never mind the fact that it's complete bunk. Now the folks at It's OK to be Smart ... Watch Now

Liberace on Peacocking

"Anyone that dares begrudge what I have today, just better get off their duff and do something about it" says a feisty Liberace in this 1968 interview with reporter Jay Kent Hackelman. "I fell I have a perfect right to ... Watch Now

George Clooney Heads To Downton Abbey

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You Must Hear This: Chance the Rapper Covers “Arthur’s Theme”

When I first heard that Chance the Rapper sang a rendition of "Arthur's theme" at the Sasquatch! Music Festival in Portland, I got all misty-eyed and thought of the great Christopher Cross songs of my youth – "Think of Laura," "Sailing," "Ride Like the Wind" and whatnot– I was a ... See the Rest