Uh, Kanye West Was Actually Pretty Magnificent on Scandinavian Television

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We all know he's an ass and a narciscist and one of the most annoying men on the planet. But there are also times, when he's at the top of his game and just tripping along to his own groove, when he comes pretty close to perfection. Here he is on Skavlan, one of Scandinavia's largest TV shows, on an illuminated stage with his signature auto-tune ... Watch Now

#PictureThis: Rare Early Pics of The Beatles & Rolling Stones On eBay


Bob Bonis managed tours of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles and he shot photos along the way. His collection of 2,700 Stones and 750 Beatles snapshots are now being sold on eBay. The young Brit musicians wanted an experienced American manager to organize their travels in the US, and they got Bonis to take the job. Over the numerous tours from ... See the Rest

#Grammys: Sam Smith Wins Big & Kanye Blasts Beck!

Kanye rushes Beck in what everyone ASSUMED was a joke. Nope. (Notice the crop of this makes it read, "Bum of the Year...")

Well, it was all about the performances– mostly. It's nothing new but this year, it was also about pairing the young and the old, as well. Big winner of the night, Sam Smith, won for and performed, "Stay with Me," which was Record of the Year (also Song of the Year... don't ask me the difference...?) with Mary J. Blige. That was a sweet moment. The ... See the Rest

Kanye West (featuring North West and Paul McCartney): “Only One”

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Spike Jones directed the video for Kanye West's "Only One," the first song from his recent collaboration with Paul McCartney. In it, baby North toddles up to 'Ye in a soggy field on a foggy day. He takes her into his arms and whispers the lyrics of the song. It's all very touching, and you can watch it after the jump. ... Watch Now

#EarnXtraCash: Hey, Want Guaranteed Income For Life? Write A Christmas Classic


Tired of actually working for a living? (Sick of hearing Mariah's All I Want For Christmas?) Maybe you just want to find a way to earn a little extra passive income this holiday season? Next time you have a few hours free, sit down and write a Christmas classic. Easy, right? Hey, just listen to the lyrics –how hard could it be? (I'm looking at you, ... See the Rest

Brit Flashback 2: The Beatles Secretary, “Good Ol’ Freda”


Good Ol' Freda is probably the best film there is about The Beatles' early days before during and after international fame. They were together for 10 years, but Freda worked for them for 11. Freda Kelly was thought of as a little sister by The Beatles and their parents, whom she knew quite well later on, thought of her as a daughter too. Many ... See the Rest

Stevie Guide: What’s on TV? Paul McCartney on Hollywood Beatlevard

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Last night, the first of the new TV season, there was late-night war between NBC’s The Tonight Show and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Kimmel show closed down Hollywood Boulevard for a free Paul McCartney mini-concert; the former Beatle sang two songs in the studio and 13 more for the crowd of 10,000 outside on the street. The guest on ... See the Rest

Celebrities at Large

Aaron and Fred

At the top, both Aaron Paul and Fred Durst were caught walking around Los Angeles laden down with stuff, Paul with a lot of Jamba Juice smoothies, and Durst with what look to be presents as he leaves Craig's restauruant in West Hollywood. The bottom two shots are of Paul McCartney on Hollywood Boulevard after his live performance for the Jimmy ... See the Rest