Support Hoes: Help Patrick McPheron Fund his Retro Sci-Fi Photo Series


Adorable FOWOW (Friend of World of Wonder, of course) and lensman extraodinaire Patrick McPheron has set up a Kickstarter to help fund his fab new photo series. Won't you ... See the Rest

The Daily Freak Show: James St. James at the June 2012 World of Wonder Cocktail Mixer

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httpvh:// At the monthly WOW cocktail mixer at Boardner's last week honoring the feature doc Room 237, James St. James got to chat with the filmmaker Rodney Ascher and the other fabulous party-goers. James ... See the Rest

The Daily Freak Show: James St. James Goes Gallery-Hopping

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httpv:// James St. James spent a lively evening gallery-hopping around LA, taking him from Phil Tarley's retrospective at Artist's Corner in Hollywood to See the Rest

Mo’ Morning Morphing

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After wowlebrity artist Patrick McPheron noticed our post yesterday of cats morphing into croissants, he sent us this video of himself morphing from birth to age 30 in six minutes. It's a sprawling panorama in which even friends and family get entangled in the machinery and some ... See the Rest