Old Hollywood Comes Out for Oil Heiress Barbara Davis’ Birthday – UPDATED WITH MORE STARS!

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The Heart-Stopping Glamour of Donald & Ivana Trump in the 1980s

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Buffy Star Nicholas Brendan Back in Rehab AGAIN

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Naked Man Found in Pig Barn, Tells Police: “I Just Like Pigs”

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Can Ecstasy Help Treat Autism? Well, OBVIOUSLY

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#BornThisDay: Producer, Allan Carr

May 27, 1937- I proudly indulge in camp when ever possible & I get dizzy for a really good bad film: Valley Of The Dolls (1967),  Roadhouse (1989), Terror In Tiny Town (1938) are all on my list of movies so ... See the Rest

Naked, Bloody Teen Claiming to be Satan Goes on Flakka-Fueled Rampage

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Come to the DragCon Official Opening Night Party! THIS FRIDAY!

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