Hot Look of the Day: Miley Cyrus Storms Art Basel

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Miley was footloose and stylist-free in Miami last night, sporting a silver tinsel wig, silver pasties, and short-shorts over glitter tights. And if you're looking to me to be the fashion police, you've come to the wrong blog. I LOVE IT. Yes, it's a total trainwreck of a look, ... See the Rest

Your Brain on MDMA

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AsapScience give you a quick tutorial on the science of highs and lows (and medical applications) of Ecstasy. When you pop a Molly, they explain, enormous amounts of serotonin are released into your body, along with dopamine and norepinephrine, which gives you a sudden and ... Watch Now

Check Out the Harlot’s Guide to Classy Cocktails

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The Harlot's Guide to Classy Cocktails by drag queen/comedian/writer Jeza Belle features delicious drink recipes and stories of drunken debauchery from the likes of drag legends Sherry Vine, Latrice Royale, Glitz Glam, Yara Sofia, Sister Roma, Tyra Sanchez, Twixie Chardonay and ... See the Rest

15 Best Movie Party Scenes

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Growing up in dreary old Michigan, my idea of adulthood was always the party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. That’s the life I longed for. That’s the world I belonged in. I lived vicariously through cinematic party scenes back then, still do. A good party scene makes the movie. ... See the Rest

Drunk Wife Makes “Grilled Cheeses”

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A guy wakes up to discover his wife in the kitchen making "grilled cheeses" out of Goldfish crackers and string cheese. Which I'm totally going to do when I get home. But, seriously, is this the most adorable couple you've EVER seen? ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: EJ Johnson

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What have we got here: Fringed leather purse? Check. Cloche hat with veil? Check. Studded booties? Check. Jean cutoff shorts? Well, alright girl. Yep, that's EJ Johnson dashing out of Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles looking verychicverychic. Check out the pics after the ... See the Rest

The Saddest Pics of Leonardo You’ll Ever See

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Leonardo DiCaprio stands on the bough of a yacht in a towel with his shoulders slumped, looking utterly defeated. Like an old guy in the locker room at 24-Hour Fitness, confronting his mortality while staring at the muscleboys parading in front of him. (I could be projecting ... See the Rest

Red, White, and Booze: The Perfect 4th of July Cocktails!


Spectacular 4th of July cocktail suggestions courtesy of People will be talking about your barbecue for YEARS to come with these patriotic libations! Check out the recipes after the jump! ... See the Rest