James St. James and Michael Alig

BREAKING: Michael Alig Watches Party Monster For The First Time

Michael Alig and James St. James watching Party Monster – The Shockumentary together. This is the first time Michael has seen it! ... See the Rest

Michael Alig, James St. James PArty Monster

Fenton Bailey Talks Michael Alig with Yahoo! Movies

Fenton Bailey talks with Yahoo! Movies about James St. James and Michael Alig's reunion, sending a camera crew to capture Michael as he reintegrates ... See the Rest

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Instaglam: James St. James and Michael Alig Reunite

James St. James reunites with his Party Monster pal Michael Alig. Keep checking back here at the WOW Report for updates, and follow James ... See the Rest


Everyone’s coming out!

WOWlebrity Daniel Franzese, who played the Rat in Party Monster, publicly comes out of the closet.  We won't say "we knew" when we photographed him in ... See the Rest

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My Favorite Halloween Costumes (So Far)

... See the Rest


Pup Culture: The James St James Doggy Sweater

Mort Salzberger and his partner Rafael Solis make custom handknit puppy sweaters over at La Bamba dog designs. Yesterday Mort (who I knew back in the ... See the Rest


Images from Dö Klubbdöden, the Swedish Party Monster-esque Musical that Premieres TONIGHT in Stockholm

The three-hour clubkid musical starring Michał Axel Piotrowski as ME and David Arnesen as Michael Alig, premieres tonight at the Dramalabbet theater ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video <i>Dö Klubbdöden</i>: The Swedish Clubkid Musical - World of Wonder

Dö Klubbdöden: The Swedish Clubkid Musical

If you happen to find yourself in Stockholm on September 27th, you might want to check out Dö Klubbdöden, the Swedish Party Monster-esque musical at ... See the Rest