A Parkour Expert and an Idiot Show You Why You Need Health Care

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Oldie but a Goodie: iJustine Parkour

An older video that I have been obsessing over since fabulous YouTube sensation iJustine uploaded it on YouTube in 2006. It really doesn't need any explanation. Just watch and get into ... See the Rest

On Set: Taylor Shows off His Parkour Moves

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The Run Trailer

Interesting fact: In the past 20 years there have exactly 48 movies named Run, usually about runaways, long-distance runners, running from the mob, runny sores, Run of Run DMZ, or Damon Runyun. Seriously filmmakers, stop naming your movies Run. Anyway, this Run is not about any ... See the Rest

Haylee Steinfeld Is a Menace to Society

This Miu Miu ad featuring Haylee Steinfeld has been banned in England by the Advertising Standards Authority because it encourages kids to, I don't know, lounge around on ... See the Rest