Parenthood: It Looks Like Fun, Huh?


I hadn't meant to combine this post with the one about overpopulation, but hey, they ended up together on a Wednesday. But, Lord help poor parents... were we ALL this awful? They call them the "terrible twos" for a reason... looks like most of these little $%#@! are about that age. It's funny because it's ... See the Rest


Monica Potter soaks up some sun with on-screen husband Peter Krause while filming scenes for the fourth season finale of TV show 'Parenthood' on the beaches of Maui

Parenthood's Monica Potter and Peter Krause relax in the sun between shooting scenes in Maui for the fourth-season finale of the hit drama. (Are you watching this show?) Actors have it rough. (Meanwhile, downstairs in our parking lot, the cast and crew of NCIS LA is setting up camp for a shoot in our unusually cold weather.) (Photos: Pacific Coast ... See the Rest

How Parenthood Happens


Now, this is what we call a day at the beach. Mae Whitman, one of the ensemble players on the TV series Parenthood (and a co-star in The Perks of Being a Wallflower) stripped down to her bra and panties on the beach in Los Angeles yesterday with co-star Matt Lauria, who stripped to his skivvies, to shoot a scene of churning passion in the sea for ... See the Rest