Signs of The Times: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Have A Message For You

I posted a pic of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield after eating at Café Cluny in the West Village on Tuesday. But what I didn't see until later were the ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Tables Have Turnt: Miley Films the Paparazzi - World of Wonder

The Tables Have Turnt: Miley Cyrus Films the Paparazzi

While walking her doggies in her neighborhood, Miley Cyrus was interrupted by a paparazzi who jumped out of his "handicap" vehicle and started ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

In today's celebrity roundup, from top, left: Glee's Dianna Agron and Australian Restaurateur boyfriend Nick Mathers depart their hotel in New York ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

Teen Beach breakout hunk Garrett Clayton and his girlfriend Claudia Lee, seen leaving Chateau Marmont hand-in-hand. *Record scratch* WHAAAAAAAT? ... See the Rest

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Marry, F*ck, Kill

Kris Humphries makes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, John Mayer gets on his tour bus in Toronto, and Will Smith makes his way through LAX. Now, on ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

Ru attends Fergie's baby shower at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles in a FAAAAABULOUS pink suit; BSB Nick Carter goes on a run in Malibu; Princess Anne ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

Colton Haynes heads out of the Hard Rock Hotel to attend the Arrow panel at Comic-Con; Charlie Hunnam greets his fans before the Sons Of Anarchy ... See the Rest

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Cher Tweets Her Support for Kanye’s Pap Bashing

(via Twitter) ... See the Rest